Famous Diamond Bracelets through History

Those who have a passion for jewelry are sure to love diamonds, which are the hardest of all known precious stones. Discovered 3000 years, diamonds still stay at the top owing to their never-diminishing beauty and exquisite qualities. Diamonds refract light, which is one among the important reasons they are considered valuable. Since the time they were discovered, diamonds have taken various forms but they have not lost their importance regardless of the forms they take.

They were considered protection against evil; they were considered to possess medicinal properties and they were associated with speedy recovery from medical conditions. While their beauty catches the fascination of the viewers, they are considered worthy investment owing to their monetary value. Diamond bracelets are very popular and they have been worn for a long time. They have a long history and let us have a look into some of the famous diamond bracelets in the history of diamonds.

1. Antique Diamond Bracelets

The most common and popular type of bracelets in the beginning of last century were antique diamond bracelets. The diamonds were arranged in a line and in a box shaped setting thus spacing them uniquely. While the concept remained unchanged for a while, new designs were formed using the same concept later.

2. Plaque Diamond Bracelets

Plaque diamond bracelets were introduced in the year 1915 and they remain popular until today. With the clasp hidden into the delicately designed pattern, the bracelet remains unaltered even if it spins around your wrist. Some more introductions in diamond bracelet collections followed plaque diamond bracelets concept.

3. Diamond Tennis Bracelets  

Diamond tennis bracelets enjoy great popularity amongst the jewel lovers. They were earlier called line bracelets, as the stones are set along the bracelet’s length in a line. They earned their present name in the year 1987, when the famous tennis player Chris Evert’s diamond line bracelet broke in the middle of the play, scattering diamonds all over the tennis court.

It is a great bracelet to gift to your special some-one. However, apart from buying diamond jewelry, there are many people who want to sell the jewelry they own for cash. They might be asking to themselves – how to sell my diamond online? But now, they don’t need to worry as there are many online buyers who are ready to pay top prices for their jewelry.

4. Diamond Bangle Bracelets  

Diamond bangle bracelets are versatile in their styles. Generally designed to adorn the hand alone, these bracelets could be larger. However, slimmer diamond bangle bracelets are also available so that they can be worn in bangle style with two or more on a hand. Diamond bangle bracelets make a perfect combination for any type of dress. They do not have a clasp and the size has to be chosen perfectly as the bangle size and shape remain the same with no room for adjustments. Just like the rule of any bangles, diamond bangle bracelets should be sufficiently large sized to be comfortably worn but small enough to ensure that they do not fall off the hand.

5. Diamond Charm Bracelets

Diamond charm bracelets are very popular owing to the qualities attached to them. Made of precious metal links, diamond charm bracelets are versatile as they allow various types of charms to be attached to the metal links. Anything from flower to images can be attached as charms. They could be further customized by using a single accent diamond of small size to many diamonds of small size. The facility makes the combination countless.

6. Diamond Shamballa Bracelets 

The more recent entry into the world of jewelry is Shamballa jewels and diamond Shamballa bracelets are gaining ground these days. Diamonds carry meaning and when they are used in Shamballa jewelry, the meaning gains depth. Shamballa is associated with spirituality and wearing Diamond Shamballa bracelets are sure to help in spiritual enlightenment and better understanding of life.

Diamonds are exclusive as they are rare, versatile and worthy of the money spent on them. The attractive precious stones can be decorated any way you prefer. You could customize them; have them arranged in double row or go for plaque bracelets, the famous types since 1915. Ensure that your choice is based on the four Cs that determine the grading of a diamond, namely clarity, carat, color and cut.