Rough fuchsite

Fuchsite (Verdite) is a variety of muscovite, a green color rock of chrome mica with chemical composition aluminium silicate. The green emerald color is due the high percentage of chromium and it is a good simulant for emerald.

It is generally formed either in fibrous or massive form in pegmatite. The best known fuchsite comes from South Africa. Due to the low hardness of fuchsite 2.5 – 4, it is advised not to use it in day to day life as it can get scratch.

Fuchsite is very familiar with ruby. RubyZoisite is a stone where by ruby is naturally occurred within fuchsite better now known as ruby in fuchsite. This stone is extensively worn as beads and can be used in daily basis.


Cause of Color :


Chemical Composition :

Aluminium Silicate – Al3(SiO4)3

Classification / Type :

It is a rock of chrome green mica, also known as verdite when found in South Africa.

Crystal System / Forms :

Monoclinic System / Fibrous, massive, flaky.

Cuts & Uses :

Facetted, cabochon, etc.

Hardness : 2.5 - 4
Lustre : Vitreous to waxy.
Magnification :

Crystalline inclusions of chlorite, flaky structure.

Optic Character :


Pleochroism : Not Common.
Refractive Index / Birefringence :

1.580 – 1.590 / 0.010

Simulants (with separation tests) :

Emerald (S.G., structure, inclusions), Jade (R.I., S.G., spectrum, inclusions, structure)

Sources :

South Africa, Australia, U.S.A.

Spectrum :

Chromium Spectrum (similar to emerald)

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