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Submit Guest PostAt Gemstone Buzz, we love the sparkles of precious and semi-precious gemstones and all their finer details. We already have some very interesting posts about trends and lifestyle around gems and jewelry on our blog, and there is no stopping us from exploring this enchanting world further.

If you share a similar passion and have gained a vast insight and knowledge about jewelry and gemstones, it will be our greatest pleasure to have your jewelry guest post submission for our blog.

Who Can Write For Us?

Frankly, writing about gems and jewelry is expressing grandeur and extravaganza in black and white. You can’t put this subject under the category of casual writing. It demands thorough research and succinct details.

Since you’re eager to write a guest post on a fashion and jewelry website, we understand that you must be committed to giving in the highest quality of authorship. We value your expertise and commitment. We’re so glad that our paths have crossed.

We’re looking for gemologists, jewelry designers and fashion enthusiasts, who are aware about the technology and workmanship. We’ll also be glad to hear from writers who are associated with gems and jewelry business and marketing. Students pursuing courses in jewelry design and fashion are also welcome to share their learning with our audience.

Topics We Accept Guest Posts On

We expect the guest blogs to be enlightening and informative. Here are some broad heads under which you can contribute your jewelry guest post. You can write on more specific topics that fall under any of the niche areas.

Gemstones Fashion and Trends

Gems and jewels industry is incredibly fast paced. The fashion and trends change as frequently as the seasons. Besides there’s always some or the other celebrity shaking the rules and setting a new trend altogether. If you’re among those people who’ve always been up-to-date with the jewelry world, we’d love to stage your fashion guest post and advice on our blog.

Bridal & Wedding Gems and Jewelry

Bridal & wedding jewelry entails deep emotions and aspirations of a new beginning. From the wedding ring, to exclusive diamond bracelets, our readers would love to know about the latest trends and buying tips for such special occasion jewelry.

Gemstones Facts and Description

Very few people know the world of gemstones inside out. When people discuss gems they stick to the usual suspects – diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires or pearls. But the less popular stones like garnet, amethyst, amber, quartz etc. hardly ever get the attention they deserve. If your posts can shed some light on the rare and precious stones it will be to our delight.

Gemstones Technology

We’d love to see some well researched posts about gemstones technology – the interesting details about their origin, processing and manufacture. If you’re an expert in the area, please step ahead and share your knowledgeable guest post with us.

Gems and Jewelry Design

We particularly look forward to guest post contributions from designers about their new collection and jewelry designs using exquisite gemstones.

Gemstone Buying Guides

Many people are fascinated by the charm of beautiful gemstones. But buying a genuine gemstone is such an expensive affair that people usually hold back purchases. You can share tips for buying these expensive gemstones and help our readers make an admirable investment.

Jewelry & Gemstones Care  

Unfortunately, the general public is widely ignorant about the special care the rare gems and jewelry deserve. It would be great if you can help us spread more awareness about caring for these beautiful possessions.

Events and Exhibitions

You can also contribute posts covering significant gems and jewelry events and exhibitions.

Rules for Submission of a Gemstone & Fashion Guest Post

All submissions for guest posts are subject to our approval and selection. In order to qualify for publications, your post should adhere to the following rules:

  1. The word length for the article/post should be at least 1000 words.
  2. The topic of your post should be related to gemstones and fall under the suggested niche areas.
  3. The post should be original and unique. We will straight away reject plagiarized or copied articles.
  4. The content should be grammatically correct.
  5. You are allowed to include only one outbound link in the article.
  6. The anchor text used in the article should not be promotional.
  7. If the article contains any references or links to adult websites/content, gambling etc., it will be rejected.
  8. You are allowed to include up to 10 images (minimum 1) related to your post.
  9. Please provide your introduction, a brief bio (about 100 words) with the article.

Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the selected articles at the time of publishing them on the website, or even after it is published.

Writing Style

While we appreciate novel ideas and content and the author’s original style, we’d like you to keep a few points in mind when it comes to writing the guest posts.

  • Please avoid writing in first person. Your articles should be written from the “second person’s perspective“, using “you” to refer to our readers.
  • Kindly refrain from using long and spiraling sentences. Frame crisp and concise sentences and present the content in clear paragraphs.
  • Your writing style should be authentic and personal. It should convey your voice and passion for the subject.
  • The content should be compelling and interesting. It should correspond to the tone of our blog and connect well with the reader.
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