You prefer a diamond of color?

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  1. Samueljewelry says

    hehe not bad, blue diamond

    hehe not bad, blue diamond pictures my mind the ocean and sky!

  2. Anonymous says

    I prefer black diamond.I am a

    I prefer black diamond.I am a virgo ascendant with exalted venus & saturn in ninth house.Black diamond has given me tremendous fortune.It was never recommendend by any astrologer as they told me to avoid black color.Infact my AK is mercury the lord of ascendant in 6th house.

    I had to avoid emerald been AK,white diamond as venus exalted in 7th house & hence strong emotions & desire.Black diamond came as a saviour in my life & made me practical & business oriented.

  3. Anonymous says

    My wife and i like the blue

    My wife and i like the blue diamonds. I bought her a few Teal-Blue diamonds for a ring im making her. They look the color of the ocean in the Bahamas. Just a fantastic color with great sparkle so much prettier than white. They started out as a fine grade of White diamond and then they irradiate them to get the blue color so its still a real diamond. We have a natural blue diamond and its a greyish blue not very pretty but worth alot. Much rather have the irradiated Ocean Blue color and less expensive. But really no matter what color of diamond there all beautiful.

  4. Anonymous says

    I’ve actually seen a one and

    I’ve actually seen a one and a half carater from the Argyle mine; I want THAT one! It was pink as a cz, and so valuable, even with a small inclusion, he wouldn’t let me touch it, although he treated it like a hackey sac….

    I wouldn’t mind a big yellow either. Colored diamonds need to be set correctly to bring out the pop, not to mention the right cut, but they’re unbelievable when they’re set properly.

  5. Anonymous says

    I prefer the colour of my

    I prefer the colour of my GGgrandma’s diamonds brought from Germany, mid-1800’s. Almost like a peridot green, but very pale, and the colour shifts in daylight to ‘roomlight’… slightly bluish to warm yellowish (respectively). Of course I think part of the charm is that the 2 slightly small of the 3 tend more to the yellow & the larger more to the bluish/white… well they are hard depict in words, and of course I may be bias since the 3 of them live happily on my left hand.

  6. Anonymous says

    All The Way Blue – Blue –

    All The Way Blue – Blue – Blue Yes the color of real blue diamonds are breathtaking and very expensive along with hard to get. They are rare and nowadays they irradiate to get a brighter blue that is not natural but very pretty though.

  7. Anonymous says

    ahhahhahha man blue diamonds

    ahhahhahha man blue diamonds are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    Red being the rarest and most

    Red being the rarest and most expensive would certainly help me pay off my debts.

  9. Anonymous says

    most people choose white

    most people choose white diamonds because they have been shoved in our face since Debeers coined the “diamond is forever” propaganda. in reality the idea was to get the buyer to bequeth said diamond to generations to come. white diamonds are plentyful. imagine this; if you have 10 k in a white diamond, of top quality, the actual worth is 1/10 of that, yes…one thousand dollars. the real scores are natural colored diamonds! these seem like a fad, infact these have been hoarded by the few whom have direct access to the diamond trade. most jewlers have never seen a true RED, GREEN, BLUE DIAMOND. i am lucky enough to have on my right pinky set in 18 kt white AU Deco style ring with a 1.86 ct. fancy intense natural green diamond cut in that OE style. i have owned as many diamonds as ive seen, where i am partners in a very successful shop this is a bad and a good thing, but i tell you, few creates firewworks like this one. s/n, i have yet to lay eyes on a red diamond of any consequence.

  10. Anonymous says

    I own 2 blood red diamonds

    I own 2 blood red diamonds and will not swop it for no other colour.

  11. Anonymous says

    The natural blue Diamonds are

    The natural blue Diamonds are rare and absolutely out of this world. I even like the color of the irradiated blue Diamonds, they are a more brighter colored blue.

  12. Anonymous says

    I love pink and i think light

    I love pink and i think light pink with a little white will look cool

  13. SeaPebbles says

    I prefer mix of colors in one

    I prefer mix of colors in one stone, then more than better ))