Rough Uvarovite

The attractive, bright green color of uvarovite is due to the presence of chromium. The crystals are very fragile, with subconchoidal to uneven fracture.

Uvarovite occurs in serpentine rocks. The best clear crystals are found in the Urals in Russia, lining cavities or rock fissures. Other sources are Finland, Turkey, and Italy.

Cause of Color :

Not characteristic

Chemical Composition :

Calcium Chromium Silicate – Ca3Cr2(SiO4)3

Cuts & Uses :

Facetted, cabochon, beads, carvings, etc.

Dispersion : 0.027
Hardness : 7.5
Magnification :

Crystalline inclusions

Refractive Index / Birefringence :

1.780 – 1.870

Simulants (with separation tests) :

Demantoid (inclusions, spectrum), Natural Zircon (optic character, doubling, spectrum), Tourmaline (optic character, pleochroism, R.I., S.G.), Synthetic Cubic Zirconia (lustre, S.G.), Y.A.G. (S.G.), G.G.G. (S.G.), etc.

Sources :

Russia (Ural Mountains), Finland, South Africa, Canada, Himalayas.

Spectrum :

Chromium, trace elements of iron, titanium

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