5 Reasons to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Beware of the Evil Eye! We have all heard this warning before. Including its familiar and famous symbol, but what is the Evil Eye exactly?

History of the Evil Eye

The concept of the evil eye dates as far back as the times of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Its symbolism is found in nearly every culture around the globe, from America, Egypt, to Japan. All with their set version of the “evil eye“.

The evil eye is said to be an envious look or stare directed at someone of dislike stated to bring misfortune to the one it is directed at.

In Islamic culture, the evil eye is said to be brought on by too much acclaim. So, instead of praising someone, you’d say God has brought you much good fortune.

The Ashkenazi Jews also thought praise would lead to you being susceptible to the evil eye and have a saying “Keyn Aynhoreh” meaning “no evil eye” to ward it off.

The Symbol

Of course, the notorious symbol of the evil eye was used as protection from the negative energy, nasty glares or stares that could bring bad luck to another person.

From Egypt, these evil eye talismans spread throughout the rest of the world. A magical talisman, the evil eye was incorporated into jewelry, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, broaches.

5 Reasons to Wear Evil Eye Jewelry

Aside from their beauty, let us tap into the magic and mysticism of wearing evil eye jewelry.

1. They Come in Many Colors

Get the protection you want and match it with your wardrobe. Evil eye jewelry comes in various colors, each having its own protective and spiritual meaning.

  • Dark Blue – The color most think of when they think of evil eye jewelry. It protects against bad Karma and fate.
  • Orange – Provides protection as well as helps with creativeness, happiness, motivation.
  • Pink – Helps calm your feelings, relaxation, friendship.
  • Light Blue – Protection, peace of mind help broaden your way of thinking.
  • Light Green – Said to help bring success, help in achieving goals, health, and enjoyment.
  • White – Purity, creating fresh starts, removal of obstacles.
  • Yellow Gold – Brings forth health, boosts energy, focus.
  • Purple – Believed to help find balance in your life and clear out obstacles.
  • Red – Aids in battling anxiety and fear. The red evil eye induces courage and energy.
  • Brown – Order and connection to the earth thus protect you from certain elements.
  • Dark Green – Energizes you to go after your life goals.
  • Grey – Benefits for those who are grieving or depressed. While helping open up new opportunities.

2. Protect you from Negative Energy

No matter what the color, an evil eye necklace, ring or bracelet will always protect you from any bad energy that may try to rub off on you.

3. They Bring Good Luck

Not only does evil eye jewelry protect you from outside negative karma, but it also invites in the good. Whether it’s good health, good fortune, happiness – it all depends on the color.

4. Protection from Misfortune

According to folklore, the evil eye keeps you safe from unforeseen accidents and other mishaps that may befall your way.

5. Promotes Positivity in You

Wearing an evil eye necklace or other forms of jewelry can also help promote positivity in you. Aesthetically and spiritually.


Even if you are not all into its spirituality, evil eye jewelry has become a fashion thing, with celebrities seen sporting such gorgeous evil eye jewelry (and let’s face it, they need it).

Often paired with the Hamsa hand or in Jewish culture, the Hand of Miriam, these two symbols create the ultimate protection. Along with being crafted in elegant designs, thus giving you all the more reason to wear evil eye jewelry.