7 Astrological Gemstones to Attract Luck & Success

With changing times, life has become complicated as well. You want to achieve success, but it may sometimes elude you, no matter how hard you try. Gemstones can become your true companion in such circumstances. They have power to generate good vibrations that bring fortune, luck, and success to the life. But remember, change does not happen overnight.

Once you choose the right gemstone and wear it properly, you can expect positive results within a few weeks. It will have a direct impact on your finances and success. And if you wonder which gemstones to wear for success and luck, here are the top choices.

1. Blue Sapphire

Apart from its unprecedented beauty, blue sapphire gemstone carries enigmatic metaphysical properties that are hard to find in other gemstones. It is a stunning and rare crystal that can resolve your financial and psychological problems, even during the toughest phases of life.

Since blue sapphire represents the planet of Saturn, it can bring instant success in your ventures and cause reversal of sliding fortunes. By strengthening the position of Saturn in your birth charts, it can bless you with abundance and wealth too.

If you are in a creative field or seek success in politics, blue sapphire benefits by making your hard work, talent, and projects noticeable to the community. You will soon reap the benefits of wearing blue sapphire when your professional and personal life will bloom with good luck.

2. Citrine

The deep golden and stunning citrine is one of the few crystals that have always been revered for their exceptional powers. It can lead you to abundance, wealth, and prosperity in every aspect of life. The traditional astrology refers to citrine as a merchant’s stone as it brings unprecedented success to the shopkeepers and salesperson.

Keeping loose citrine in your cash register can help draw more money in your business. However, the power of citrine to attract wealth isn’t limited to monetary terms only. This gemstone can bring any tangible wealth and cause powerful transformation of your energies to work harder and accomplish every goal.

3. Peridot

In many cultures, peridot is known to be the money stone. Well, it has earned this name with its ability to attract wealth and success. From ancient pharaohs to modern monarchy and common fashion circles, you can find stunning pieces of peridot adorning the most successful and well-known people of the society. That is because this gemstone has a deep ability to attract abundance and good luck.

Do you know it is one of two gemstones that are not formed in the earth’s crust? Rather, they are extracted from the magma in the upper mantle and come up to the surface due to volcanic or tectonic activities. It can power your brain like a booster and help you make the right choices in your professional or personal life.

4. Tiger’s Eye

Due to its numerous colors and shades, tiger’s eye has always been an attractive gemstone. It is highly preferred for jewelry, even among the men. That’s because it is a wonderful abundance stone with a strong influence. It can enhance your luck by grounding your energies.

Whatever challenges come your way; this gemstone can handle them with its unique abilities and powerful energies. It will set a foundation of self-confidence and self-reliance that will take you to the desired success in life. Tiger’s eye is also considered a unique good luck charm.

The lines on this gemstone signify the paths that you can follow to gain success. It can open your eyes to the opportunities around you. Most importantly, it assures that you don’t have to lean on others to gain success and good luck in your endeavors. If you work with the law of attraction, meditating with this gemstone can bring the inner peace, contentment, and prosperity you seek.

5. Jade

Jade is popularly called the sister of aventurine due to its resemblance to the stone. It has always been associated with luck, money, and abundance. In ancient China, it was highly valued for its beautiful color and ability to attract success.

If you keep a jade in your cash register or financial papers, it adds a boost of positivity to make success a permanent fixture in your life. Whenever you feel low in life, start wearing jade and it will work its magic around you. It can stabilize your emotional desires and balance your ambitions with compassion to ground you and keep you focus on things that truly matter.

6. Emerald

Emerald gemstone is one of the precious crystals on this planet. It has a bold green color which makes it a true harbinger of abundance in life. You will be surprised to know that buying emerald will not break your bank. It rather makes a great investment by summoning fortunes and luxury in your life.

For centuries, emerald has been noticed as the stone of royalty due to its value and rarity. Since it is ruled by the planet of mercury, it promotes intelligence, comprehension, and reasoning in every critical life decision.

People working in financial sector and share markets can reap rich advantages by wearing a natural emerald stone. It also improves speech and gives you confidence to express your thoughts openly. You will make wiser decisions and take the right steps with the help of its positive aura.

7. Green Aventurine

Aventurine gets its name from the Latin term “A ventura” which means chance. Hence, this gemstone can attract immense wealth and fortune in every financial decision you make. It is also believed that carrying a green aventurine in your pocket when buying a lottery ticket can make you rich and bring good luck.

This gemstone also has a reputation to attract opportunities. No wonder it is called the gamblers stone as it brings luck when you need it the most. Just give it some time and it will change your money earning habits so you can earn more and save a lot.

These are the top seven gemstones that you can wear for luck and success in life. You can either wear them as jewelry or keep loose gemstones with your important documents and money to keep the cash flowing in. Above all, buy these gemstones from an authentic store like GemPundit that offers free lab certification and easy returns with each purchase.