7 Gemstones For Peace & Tranquility

Between commuting, juggling the needs of family (and friends), work and being social – life often gets hectic.

Several studies have shown the seriously damaging consequences of living with long-term stress — we’re talking anxiety, depression, weight gain and loss, crankiness, sleep problems and more. And over time, too much stress can even contribute to the development of high blood pressure, heart disease and other serious physical ailments.

Getting your stress under control is extremely important when it comes to supporting your overall health. There are tons of things you can do to lower your stress, from getting more physical exercise to non-traditional modalities.

Why not take advantage of the healing power of gemstones to help bring a bit of calm and tranquility into your world?

Here are seven powerful and pretty gemstones you can regularly turn to when we’re looking for a bit of peace and tranquility.

1. Larimar

Larimar, a gorgeous soft bluish-white stone shot through with delicate white veins, offers a sense of peace when you’re dealing with disturbing situations. It calms racing thoughts and increases your ability to calmly navigate stressful periods.

It’s a great choice when you’re faced with overwhelming family or work obligations. Many people use the gem to reduce the overwhelming feelings associated with anger, fear and guilt.

2. Pink Calcite

Reach for this soft pink gem to relieve the emotional pain associated with rejection. Associated with the heart and crown chakras, Pink Calcite eases emotional turmoil by opening up the flow of energy between these two critical energy centers.

The stone’s energy resonates in the angelic realms, delivering a sense of universal love and forgiveness. Think of this stone’s powerful energy as a sort of gentle, loving cosmic embrace.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst’s radiant purple charm brings a sense of peace by calming overactive nervous systems. Meditating on this gem both increases focus and encourages relaxation.

The gem also helps reduce symptoms of anxiety, and many people find it also reduces the worry involved in making important decisions.

Amethyst is known to protect against negative energy and protects against energetic disturbances by stimulating the crown and third chakras.

4. Celestite

This almost translucent milky white crystal is known for its ability to tame chaotic thoughts and feelings. It encourages peace and calm by exerting its powerful influence on the crown, heart and third chakras.

Celestite increases your ability to communicate clearly and imbues those around it with a warm sense of safety, offering a protected space from which to move forward through difficult moments.

5. Fluorite

Florite’s purple and blue hues deliver an enveloping sense of peace that protects those in its presence. It encourages a sense of calm by reducing the impact of negative vibrations. Many people find that meditating on fluorite clarifies their thoughts and permits them the mental space to make reasoned decisions.

Many new meditators find that concentrating on a piece of Fluorite increases the ease of developing a regular spiritual practice. This gorgeous gem can also help you effectively navigate chaotic situations by increasing your intuition and the integration of your mental and physical energies.

6. Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz offers those who meditate on its radiant pink beauty a gentle sense of being in harmony with the universe. It improves your ability to successfully navigate troubling interpersonal situations, including arguments with close friends and family members.

The gem increases cooperation, particularly in work environments, by reducing the impact of negativity and creating a warm sense of belonging.

If you’re ready to get started, My Essential Planet has tons of information about these and other gemstones. Take a look, find something that catches your eye and speaks to your soul — then make a selection to get started on your journey towards peace.