Amethyst can trace its name from the Greek word Amathyein, which roughly translates as not drunk. This makes sense, considering that the ancient Greeks believed that amethyst was able to prevent drunkenness, in addition to insulating the wearer against magic, homesickness, and evil thoughts of all kinds. Along the same line, Buddhist monks utilized the spiritual properties of amethyst to assist in meditation, while Hildegard von Bin-gen believed Amethyst could be used to treat skin blemishes and tumors.

Healing properties

If a user is suffering from migraines, wearing amethyst can mitigate the pain. In addition to assisting with concentration, amethysts in geode form can cure nervous headaches by simple proximity.

Magical properties

An amethyst is best used for preventing violent death and for acting as a ward against danger. Amethyst also has the added benefit of protecting and individual and their home from burglars and thieves.

Chakra classification

Amethyst has long been used as a meditative tool, as placing it on the crown chakra leads to increased concentration and self-confidence. Regularly wearing amethyst can lead to increased charisma and attention from those around you.

Star sign

This stone is primarily associated with Pisces. Further, it leads to clarity of both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Application and care

Amethyst should never be exposed to sunlight. The best way to cleanse it is to simply wash it under warn running water once a month. Afterwards, it should be allowed to dry overnight among hematite stones.

Amethyst Pictures

Amethyst cabochonsRough amethystTumbled amethyst