7 Gemstones That Boost Relaxation

When it comes to health, healing, and happiness, you might decide to pay attention to an ancient way of healing which is through crystals or gemstones. Crystals have been known to provide relaxation which is something all of us look for. We are living in harder times when we have to work longer and no time is left for relaxation. So, when you are meditating, you can use some healing gems to help clear your mind. Let’s uncover seven gemstones that can promote relaxation.
1. Turquoise

Turquoise is a gorgeous gemstone that comes in different shades ranging from aqua blue to a light cerulean green. The gemstone is so beautiful and popular that it is highly prized in most cultures.

It’s believed that Turquoise brings the wearer uplifting energy and helps to protect him/her from all form of negativity. It’s considered to be so powerful that it can affect those around you and help them relax as well. Every time you are going through difficulty, wear them and become confident and extroverted.

2. Blue Lace Agate

The stone is blue as the name states and looks like an incarnation of the ocean. It soothes the mind the moment you see it. Agate stone is best for calmness due to its strong ability.

To make sure the gemstone is effective, hold it in your hands, relax, close your eyes, and take about three deep breaths. This will help bring the calm effect in your mind.

3. Rose Quartz

The Pink Crystal is soothing and calming, and it’s a symbol of love and harmony. It helps you open up your heart and accept love. It also encourages you to forgive others, yourself and helps you to move on. Rose Quartz elicits love, peace, and harmony.

You should use the gemstone whenever you are going through emotional traumas, relationship troubles, and other emotional issues. Wear or hold it to receive its calming effects.

4. Larimar

The sky and sea energies embody Larimar, and it’s soft and soothing. Larimar stones cool tempers and calm your fears. They also relieve stress and nurture bodies emotionally and physically. This rare gemstone is only found in the Dominican Republic.

The crystal stone is used to promote relaxation. Hold it on your hands and gaze into the sea to help wave out your emotions. You can sit in a bath surrounded by blue candles. You can also use the stones to overcome the fear of doctors, injections, and hospitals.

5. Ruby

Are you feeling depressed and out of motivation to live? Turn to your ruby. It’s a symbol of vitality that ignites your spark back and relieves the signs of depression and destructive emotional patterns.

Ruby can help you learn to love and appreciate yourself more, encourage you to be passionate, feel motivated, and achieve your goals. Ruby has also been known to detoxify the body and support the reproductive organs, heart, and lymph system.

6. Amethyst

Amethyst is purple in color, and most celebrities have them in their homes and flaunt them on Instagram. Well, it’s because of their reputation of having a relaxing energy and sleep enhancement.

Amethyst sends peaceful vibes straight to your central nervous system. It helps to relax the mind and bring clarity so that you understand what could be causing stress.

7. Clear Quartz

Known as “The Master Healer,” the gemstone can be used with anything. It’s translucent and clear and can heal physical, mental, and emotional issues.

It resonates with higher chakras to bring in divine white light and connect you to higher self, boost your consciousness, and unconditional pure love.


We haven’t exhausted all the gemstones in the world, but the ones mentioned above are the most effective and available ones. If you want to boost relaxation and clear your mind, go the crystal way and harness the amazing benefits.