10 Engagement Ring Cuts and Their Meaning

Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most confusing choices of your life. If you’re the chooser picking one for your partner, then you’re up for an even bigger task. Although it can be tormenting, choosing a sparkler should be exciting instead. Diamonds are of course pricey, and this piece will be a long time financial and style investment. So, isn’t it important that you pick the right one? You can ensure this by trying different styles to see which ones you prefer the most and the least. Listed below are ten engagement ring cuts that we’ve gathered along with the personality element for each one. What does your favorite cut say about you?

1. The Rounded Cut

Looking for maximum bling on your finger twenty-four hours a day? Then the round ring cut is the perfect choice for you. This engagement ring cut is the most traditional amongst the lot and is great for girls that love classic romances. Women who always dreamed of the traditional wedding and follow the same will fall in love instantly with this cut. Distinguished by their specific shape and angle, this is overall a timeless ring cut. It is sported by a lot of prominent celebrities such as Mila Kunis and Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

2. The Princess Cut

The ultimate hopeless romantic of all the ring cuts, the princess cut is for all those edgy romantics out there. This ring is for all the girls out there who secretly have a soft spot for tradition but don’t admit that. The princess cut is a unique square shape that gives the right amount of chic and still has the bridal and exciting feeling attached to it. Worn by amazing celebs like Hilary Duff that show off this modern ring on the red carpet many times, this ring is the perfect “modern woman” piece. Like the Tanzanite Engagement Ring, it is royal material.

3. The Oval Cut

The trending shape from the past, the oval cut is making its big comeback in the engagement world. This type of ring cut has an elongated shape that leaves you amazed. The elegance you’ll receive from its aura is unmatchable by other cuts. It is truly a one-of-a-kind. If your woman is a creative and unique personality, it is likely that she will want something that matches that. The oval cut is perfect for this. She will love the imaginative flair of this cut and it will surely impress her!

4. The Emerald Cut

For an understated and sophisticated girl, the emerald cut pours out elegance. It is great for women with a craving for feminine flair and perfection. This ring cut will work great if you are a woman of your own style and make your own trends. The right word to use would be women with a somewhat discerning style sense. Apart from the meaning it holds, the cut is popular for its beauty and the clarity it has compared to the fellow cuts.

5. The Cushion Cut

The Cushion is the trendiest and also the most feminine on the list. It is actually a square plus rectangular shaped cut with rounded corners and large facets. Also known as the pillow-cut it has a classic feel, yet it brings forth the trendy feel from the rings that we see mostly nowadays. This ring cut is perfect for all the divas out there who seek romance and don’t wait on it!

6. The Pear Cut

Worn by celebs like Katherine Heigl, Kaley Cuoco, amongst others, the pear cut is quite the stunner. It is mostly known for its unique style and shape. The ring cut is actually shaped like a tear that also gives the finger an elongated feel and look to it. The pear is not the most commonly purchased ring. Women who usually follow their own trends and make their own too often gravitate towards this ring type. It is perfect for women that are truly individualistic and want to stand out from other brides.

7. The Marquise Cut

Also called the Navette cut, meaning tiny boat, the marquise is the ultimate choice for one seeking elegance in their ring. The reason it’s called that is because of its shape that resembles a boat as both its points meet in a similar way. If you want elongated hands, this is a great illusion piece for that too! The marquise is a cut perfect for the big-hearted woman who loves vintage more than anything else.

8. The Radiant Cut

The name given to this cut does not disappoint. Worn by the likes of glamorous ladies like Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, the Radiant cut is very similar to the emerald cut. They both resemble the octagon. The radiant cut is different in a way that dazzles. It has about 70 light reflecting facets in it. Extreme bling! The bubbly and flashy woman will adore this cut.

9. The Asscher Cut

The Asscher is definitely for the retro woman. This cut is chosen often by women who love the vintage and old feel and appreciate the charm of the past. Worn by quirky ladies like Zoey Deschanel and Jessica Alba, the Asscher makes retro lovers absolutely lovelorn.

10. The Heart Cut

Probably the sweetest of all ring cuts, the heart ring is made to stand out. It’s not every day you meet a woman that will be willing to wear a heart-shaped ring. Which is why it is not a commonly invested ring and bold women like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Gwen Stefani pull it off beautifully because of their personality type. If you’re a woman that just wants an intimate ring that stands out, then we suggest the heart cut.

Well, there you have it, folks! Ten gorgeous engagement cuts for women of all walks of life. If you’re still confused make sure to visit your jeweler and weigh your options better. Just remember, it’s all about how you feel about the ring, the rest doesn’t matter at all.