Significance and Designs of Cross Rings as Stylish Accessories

Crosses have long ceased to be companions of people of faith. Increasingly, this controversial symbol can be seen in clothes prints, fashion accessories, and jewelry. It’s amazing how the two intersecting lines attract the views and cause a lot of controversy about the relevance of their use in a casual look. If this religious symbol does not make you awkward, you can also benefit from its appeal when wearing a stylish cross ring.

Why We Wear Cross Jewelry

For many people, not only Christians, a cross is a distinctive mark of faith. It is worshiped by Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants, and Orthodox. It was sacred to the Celts and Byzantines, the Teutons and Templars. It is still believed that it is a cross who protects its owner from evil forces and misfortune, from the moment a person was born and until death.

Today, cross jewelry helps create a non-trivial image and emphasize the individuality of those who are partial to it. Fashionistas are sure that when a person wears a cross a ring, it will let others know that he or she is a strong personality and is ready to deal with any problems.

Many consider a cross ring to be an amulet. They believe that crosses protect them and give strength. It is not known for sure whether cross jewelry has any protective properties, but everything is possible if you have faith in you.

Cross Ring Designs

Today it is a breeze to choose a cross ring for men in accordance with your preferences and the notion of the fashionable and beautiful. Although jewelers roll out many variations of this jewelry item every season, we tried to catalog some of the most popular styles of cross rings.

Latin Cross Rings

The most widespread and recognizable symbol is the Catholic cross which is also known as the Latin cross. This symbol is present in the rings in numerous forms and shapes, for instance, as a raised design soldered to a smooth wide band or as embossing on a signet. Such a piece can carry gems, often colorless or featuring a subtle hue to set off a cross. If this product has a sacred meaning to a person who wears it, the inner side of the shank may accommodate carved words of a prayer.

Iron Cross

This cross has nothing to do with religion. Even though the church became the initiator of numerous crusades that brought destruction and suffering, the main mission of religion is peace on earth. In contrast, the Iron Cross became the hallmark of military formations, mainly in Germany. It denoted the soldiers’ courage, valor, and fearlessness. In the 20th century, the Third Reich perverted its meaning by turning everyone who wears the Iron Cross into a Nazi.

During the Second World War, American soldiers picked up the awards of fallen enemies and took them as trophies. Upon returning to their homeland, they began to wear Iron crosses to demonstrate their aversion to the processes taking place in society and to emphasize that they are not like everyone else. Over time, the spirit of rebellion subsided but the Iron Cross remained immortalized in men’s jewelry as an element of protest and free-thinking. The Iron Cross is a running theme in biker rings since it was motorcyclists who came up with the idea of wearing Nazi awards as a gesture of disobedience. Now, a man with an Iron Cross ring on his finger wants to emphasize his independence, boldness, and a free spirit.

Celtic Cross Ring

The Celtic cross is an equal-beam cross with a circle in the center. The history of the cross originates in ancient times. Historians attribute pagan roots to it, although now it is a symbol of Celtic Christianity. The Celtic cross symbolizes the unity of the earth and air as well as the sun and water. Therefore, it is often called the “solar cross.”

The symbolism of the Celtic cross is expressed not only in the combination of two symbols, a circle and cross, but also in the fact that it is covered with Celtic patterns and runes resembling woven threads. These threads symbolize life itself, a strong bond among all living things, as well as the cyclical nature of the world.

A Celtic cross portrayed on a ring can become an excellent alternative to a Latin cross. Its image is more appealing, and the meaning is more complex. Besides, the Celtic knot ornaments carved inside the cross are an eye-catching decoration on its own.