Interesting Facts You Should Know About Opal

Opal cabochons in various color & size

One of the most attractive gemstone in the world today is opal due to its rarity and appearance. For a person who wants a collection of gemstone, it could be one of those stones he/she is looking for. Others want to collect opal gemstones because of their healing practices; other even use them for meditation and other related activities.

The Colors Of Opal

This gemstone comes with many colors; red, white, pink, violet and blue. There are rare times that people can witness orange or brown opal gemstone. With its glassy surface, it comes rather small yet elegant in nature. Oftentimes, blue attracts more spectators than other because of its deep and infinity essence. When hit by sun light, a beautiful spectrum will reflect revealing the inner core of the gem itself.

Now, the rarest of them all is the black opal; have you heard about it? The name does not really mean the gem is really black. It suggests that this kind of opal has the darkest color among all others, thus, black. Some say that such opal is man-made. While it is true that there are black opals created by man, it is also true that there are natural black opals. Due to its rarity, it can even match the price of the diamond. In fact, one of the black opals with the best quality was found in New South Wales. Others were found in Canada, Australia, Mexico, Honduras and Peru. This is evident that naturally black opals exist, though rare.

The Composition of Opal

Naturally, opal is a mineral with low temperature which is often found near the crust of the earth. Most often, these gemstones can be found to be in the watery area. And true enough because one of the compositions of opal is water. Chemical composition can attest that it is a combination of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and water molecules, although water molecules can easily be taken out from the gemstone. Thus, it is not advisable to put it under direct heat or other chemicals since it becomes porous and can easily be broken.

The Metaphysical Beliefs on Opal

More often Opal is a symbolism of faithfulness, protection and loyalty which is believed to enhance one’s vision as well as creativity. Others even claim to have experience the presence of unseen beings when using the gemstone. Thus, other astrologers even look for more precious ones as they can offer high level of power.


Whatever others believe about opal, in modern world, it can be seen as a gemstone which possesses unequalled beauty. The fact is, an opal will cost much nowadays as they become rare and rare every year especially that most of the jewelers are collecting these kinds of stones. Therefore, should you have to choose what gemstone to use in any of your jewelries, choose the ones which can really provide some special values.

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  1. Anonymous says

    If I want to wear opal, how

    If I want to wear opal, how much carat should I wear which suits me. My BOD is 17.09.1988, TOB is 6.30 pm on Saturday. 

  2. deep_blue says

    Opal is mostly worn on index

    Opal is mostly worn on index finger and sometimes in little finger too. There is not much data available in Indian astrology about opal. However, one should wear opal of 5 carat & above for astrological purpose.