How To Safeguard Your Amber Jewelry The Right Way?

Amber jewelry has become very popular and rightly so. Amber is the fossilized resin from extinct trees. It gains importance owing to its inspiring history and amber inclusions capture and present the moments that date back to millions of years. The most interesting feature about amber jewelry when they have inclusions such as insects and plants is that they not only present you the moment they were captured live in the resin but they also provide a very fresh image of the moment. The minute details of the captured species and sometimes even up to the depth of the cells are clearly present. Jewelry made of amber is thus special and it is considered that amber has medicinal properties to cure various conditions right from relieving distress in teething infants to curing rheumatism in the old. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to take extra care to ensure safety of amber jewelry that you purchase with utmost care.

Safeguarding Amber Jewelry
When you make a heavy investment in jewelry, it is with the hope of retaining the jewelry for long and probably hand it down to the next generation in the best possible condition. Hence, it becomes imperative that you know how to care for your jewelry when you purchase it. Where amber is concerned, the responsibility becomes higher as amber is a soft material when compared with any other gemstone and it has a rich and wonderful history. Here more than the price, its relevance matters. Here are some of the golden rules to ensure your amber jewelry is as fresh as its inclusions.

1) Never expose your amber jewelry to sunlight for long as amber could fade away when exposed to sunlight regularly for long hours.

2) Your amber jewelry goes well with all types of attires but not with any type of perfumes. Ensure that you spray your perfume before wearing your amber jewelry.

3) Once you remove your amber jewelry, store it separately to ensure that it does not get in contact with other metals or jewelry.

4) To retain its freshness, you need to clean it prior to wearing. Never use cleaning chemicals that are harsh as they could damage your amber jewelry. The best method to use while cleaning would be to soak your amber jewelry in warm water and a mild soap solution. Later, you need to wipe it using a soft cloth before you let it dry.

5) While cleaning your amber jewelry, you need to clean the metal in which the gemstone is set. Apart from the jewelry that is made purely of amber, there are many amber jewelry that are set in various metals such as silver, gold and platinum. To maintain the freshness of your amber jewelry, you need to clean the metal used in the setting of your jewelry. To make it look shining, you can clean it with olive oil using a soft cloth.

6) Wearing amber jewelry regularly on you could give you health benefits. However, when it concerns the life of the jewelry, you need to ensure that you do not wear it while doing your regular house chores such as cleaning and washing the dishes.

You need to ensure that it does not get broken or scratched so that you could preserve it for years. Once you have purchased amber jewelry, it is essential that you do justice to amber that has preserved precious moments of the prehistoric ages and has presented to you new, fresh and beautiful.