Is It Advisable To Use Amber Necklaces For Teething Babies?

On arrival of a new young member in your family, your world changes totally. Your thoughts and actions center on the baby and its needs. You would naturally want the best for your baby and if it is natural, you cannot complain. As the baby grows there are changes in its needs and with every progress the baby makes, you need to prepare yourself and your baby for the same. One such phase would be the teething of your child. When cutting teeth, your child will undergo pain and here you might want to try the safest method to alleviate the sufferings of the child. Some suggest pain relief pills but it is always best to use natural methods that are tried and proven. One such method that has been practiced for ages is using amber teething necklace. This is worn around the neck of your child to relieve the baby’s sufferings. Let us have an insight into amber necklaces and their benefits.

Amber Teething Necklace – An Introduction
Amber is nothing but the fossilized resin from extinct trees of the prehistoric period. The resin has been used for centuries owing to its health benefits. Amber is the natural cure to relieve you from pain and it enhances immunity. Wearing amber teething necklaces has been in practice for generations. The warmth of the skin enables the release of healing oils from amber when in contact. The skin absorbs the healing oils thereby letting them into your bloodstream. Researches conducted on the performance of amber have thrown light on the fact that amber being electromagnetic, production of considerable amounts of natural energy becomes possible, which helps in the healing process.

Amber Necklaces And Teething Babies
The natural process of teething is painful to infants. Hence, as a parent, you are sure to want the best solution that is not only effective but also natural. You will identify in amber necklace your answer to the search. Baltic amber reduces acidity and wearing amber necklace helps to address conditions related to teething namely swollen gums, redness in cheeks and fevers. Apart from the pain, teething is also associated with irritability and drooling and amber necklaces help to relieve such conditions.

Is Amber Necklace Safe For Teething Children? 
Once the benefits convince you, the immediate thought that crosses your mind would be about the safety in using amber necklace on your young one. At this point, it would do well to remember that amber necklaces have been worn for ages and they have proved highly beneficial to infants. The possible question would be about chocking hazard. Here, you need to exercise caution in your choice of amber necklace for your infant. Ensure that the amber necklace is designed to assure safety. You need to look if there is hand-knot between each bead so that even if a bead breaks, the rest would remain intact. Once you start using amber necklace on your child, you need to remove it when your child is asleep. If your child is around playing and not attended by you, it would do well to remove the necklace. Once you strictly follow the safety methods to prevent chocking hazard, you can be sure that amber necklaces are the right thing for teething babies.