History of Camo Wedding Rings

When tradition gives way to trends, you find changes making their way to center stage and a wedding arrangement is no exception. Gone are the days when marriages were only held in churches. Now, the venue for wedding is based on what the couples prefer and the limit or the limitlessness of their budget -from beaches to castles, we find the options for wedding venues are many. In wedding rings too, you see many changes. Traditional wedding rings are fast taking the backseat as more and more couples go for camo wedding rings.

Into The Military World And Now Into Your Life

Camo wedding rings were first worn by those in military as the patterns of the rings were inspired by the patterns in the US military uniform. Those in military or a family with military background sought these rings as their wedding rings. The rings were an inspiration and a reflection of their commitment and hence, it was with pride that the ring was chosen to replace the conventional wedding rings. Camo rings are gifted for homecoming too and they make great gifts thanks to the military look in the design.

Quickly on heels to use camo rings were the hunters who love outdoors and anything relating to it. They were overwhelmed by the designs of the ring that they made it their natural choice for the special occasion. It is true that man has come a long way since the times of ancient man; but the basic instinct – the hunter’s instinct is still very much in tact even in those who have not been a hunter all their life. Hence, the rings naturally draw their attention and with various colors and textures, these rings stimulate the hidden instinct in men.

The rings have now become a favorite of the cross-sections of the society. What was once identified as related to military has now crossed all barriers to enter your life at a moment that you are about to cherish the whole of your life – your wedding. Camo wedding rings express commitment to family and the nation and hence they are natural choice for every one who enters into lifetime commitment.

Popular Styles In Camo Wedding Rings

While every design in the ring is unique and attractive, certain colors and patterns of camo wedding rings are very popular. Here are a few mentioned.

  • For adventure lovers, earthy colors will make a great wedding ring. The ring is not only a symbol of bond between the man and wife; it also symbolizes the passion for adventure and the love for outdoors.
  • Bands with camo print coated on it are yet another popular choice. Hydrographic painting is involved in the making of these rings and the outcome is an amazing variety of unique patterns.
  • Yet another popular style is mokume gane camo wedding ring. It is based on the designs in the handles of the majestic samurai swords. Known to be the symbol of skill, strength and honor, the samurai association in camo rings is indeed very special.
  • Diamond camo wedding rings sweep you off your feet with their radiance and elegance. The richness of the precious stone blends with the rich meaning of camo rings to make a perfect choice as a wedding ring.
  • Mother of pearl is a popular choice as a wedding ring as they make a wonderful combination. Being camouflaged by nature, it indeed is the right choice to pair with camo rings. Since each Mother of pearl is unique, you can never find two camo rings with this combination to be alike.

The scratch resistant camo wedding ring makes an irresistible choice with its stunning designs and colors. For every one of you, the ring could have a unique meaning and its recent entry into the world of rings shows that it has come to stay.