Camo Wedding Rings

Camouflage rings, popularly known as camo rings, are showing off in style contrary to what their names suggest. Camo rings represent and show to the world, your passion and your personality. These unique rings are named thus as they camouflage pattern throughout the ring or accentuate the looks of the ring with its decorative pattern.

Generally, tungsten carbide and cobalt are used in the making of camo rings. Other metals used include black ceramic, titanium, black zirconium and vitalium. The strong metals are scratch resistant and the rings made of these materials with camouflage patterns have become a hot favorite in the recent past.

While those in military were the first to choose these rings as their wedding rings, others followed suit inspired by the patterns and the colors. Originally, camo rings were dome shaped with camouflage patterns on tungsten. Later more styles were added to these collections and now you find a wide range of these rings in the market. Diamond studded camo rings are also very popular. They are stunningly beautiful and those who love blending tradition and latest trends seek diamond camo rings.

Patterns And Colors of Camo Rings

The patterns are broadly classified as woodland patterns and desert patterns, referred to as chocolate chip patterns. Camo rings are available in various colors. In the past, they were available only in military grey and green colors. Now, they are available in a wide range of colors including blue, pink, yellow, purple and many more. The most commonly found colors in woodland patterns include khaki, brown, green and black while various colors are available in desert patterns.

The patterns seen in camo rings are US Air Force and Navy patterns, Airman Battle uniform patterns and Universal camouflage patterns. Other colors are blend with these patterns to form a stunning range of the rings. Laser engraving is done on rings made of tungsten carbide with camo patterns which adds a classic touch to the ring, however laser engraved camo rings are present only in shades of grey.

Why Are Camo Wedding Rings Special?

Weddings these days are witnessing an interesting change in the form of wedding rings. Camo wedding rings are special in the United States as the rings share similarity with the military patterns of the country. A family with military history prefers camo rings to traditional diamond wedding rings. Considered by them to represent their strength of commitment to their nation and their family, they love to say it with this special ring. Yet another reason behind the growing popularity of camo wedding rings is the adventurous element in man. Daring to be different, people these days choose camo wedding rings as the rings for their special day. Those who love adventure and outdoor activities are attracted by the different colors and patterns available in these rings.

Camo Wedding Rings With Diamonds!

Diamond camo rings make great wedding rings for those who stick to the traditional practices but seek to have a mix of fashion. With the radiance of diamond adding value to the patterns of military uniform, camo rings with diamonds are elegant and exclusive.

The colors and designs in diamond camo rings are so attractive that these rings are preferred by men and women alike. Some of the colors available in this category include blue, green, pink, white, red and brown. The designs available are plenty. A big diamond set majestically on top of the camo ring draws your attention instantly. Camo rings with small diamond stones arranged in a pattern around the ring is yet another hot favorite of the couples about to enter wedlock.

Are Camo Wedding Rings Expensive?

Camo rings are inexpensive and the best alternate to traditional diamond and gold wedding rings. Not just because of the colors and patterns but also because of the meaning they represent. They last a lifetime and what better choice for a wedding that is supposed to last a lifetime?

Camo rings are not expensive unless you go for diamond camo rings. The cost of diamond camo rings is based on the color, clarity, cut and carat of the diamonds and hence the price range could vary. Smooth and lasting one’s lifetime, the camo diamond rings are the most sought after wedding rings these days.

For The Bride And The Groom

Not only as they enter into wedlock but also in their preference for camo rings, men and women share the same sentiment. Camo wedding rings come in a wide range of designs specially made to address the tastes of men and women. Camouflage rings are not only elegant and graceful; they reveal the adventurer in you. Apart from the outdoor touch to the camo rings, the stylish pattern of the rings and the diamonds added to them, make these rings a favorite choice. They get their diamonds and they get a sense of adventure wearing these beautifully patterned colorful rings. After all, a wedding has to be colorful and last your lifetime, right?

A Blend Of Dedication And Style

There is a definite air about these rings. It dares you to do away with the traditional wedding rings and flaunt your passion for the outdoor effect. Trendy with a mix of country, the rings never fail to tap your inner sense that longs for the wilderness. It is a representation of lasting love as it is designed with scratch-resistant metals that retain color and shape forever. Go for camo wedding rings to show off in style.