Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire (meaning): It is of a blue color and is associated with Saturn. It is an expensive gem and gives tremendous benefits to the wearers. But it must be worn carefully and under the guidance of a good gem therapist/astrologer/numerologist. It is a recommended stone for persons of birth numbers 4 or 8. It can be worn with a great advantage by heart patients. It also protects the wearers against risks of accidents and against the dangers of fire, storm and natural calamities. It protects the wearers from unexpected happenings and natural calamities and ensures greater financial stability. It can cause sudden upturn in business and change the life pattern of the wearers for good. When it suits the wearer, it can give him rapid and immense financial gains, immense wealth and riches and removes all hassles and irritants, mental agonies and miseries and frustration in life. Its use is also recommended for those who are addicted to alcohol and ruining their health etc. But it should be worn under expert guidance.

Cheaper substitute of blue sapphire is amethyst. It can be used with advantage for those, who are
careless in food habits or for solving the problem of alcoholism.

Blue sapphire gemstone has effective healing power in case of ailments like vomiting, nausea, headaches, and body pains, vertigo, boils, abscess, conjunctivitis, allergies, hypertension etc.

When there is conjunction of Saturn-Mars or Saturn-Rahu in the natal charts, or disharmony of numbers, it is advisable to wear red and blue sapphire of 3 – 3.5 carats for martial happiness/financial prosperity.

The wearers will be found to be attracted to their homes and would be faithful to others. They will discharge their responsibilities well.

Blue sapphire should be worn in the phase of Saturn, two hours and forty minutes before the sun-set, preferably on Saturdays.

Blue sapphire can also be worn during eclipses after offering alms and prayers. Blue sapphire should not be used if; Saturn is in debilitation in the natal chart. It can also be used during Pashya Nakshatra (8th Nakshatra). Its efficacy has been tested and tried in the case of those suffering from T.B. (Red coral is also beneficial in the case of T.B patients.) The decision whether blue sapphire or red coral is to be used should be taken in consultation with an astrologer/ Astor-numerologist. The weight of the blue sapphire should be minimum 5 carats, if it is to be used for health reasons or to counteract trends of financial fluctuations. It should be worn on the second finger (Saturn finger).