6 Reasons why wearing a pendant is more beneficial than a ring

Diamond pendant in pave setting

A gemstone worn as a pendant always gives better result than a ring. There are six main reasons for that:


    1. In a ring, the gemstone which is generally highly expensive, meets natural wear and tear earlier than that in a pendant. Chances of getting scratched or broken is quite natural.
    2. A gemstone studded in a pendant that hangs above the naval region of the body always remains pure according to the Indian astrological tenets.
    3. A gemstone studded in a ring is more likely to come in contact with urine, excrement and food left-overs which, as result, destroy the consecrated power from the mantras.
    4. In a pendant, fixing a talisman or the combined gemstone is possible but not in a ring.
    5. If the gemstone is studded in a pendant and as the gemstone touches the skin naturally, while taking bath, the entire body gets somewhat a gem-bath every time, which is highly propitious for the native.
    6. The gemstone worn in the pendant remains mostly inside the dress and, therefore, remains in better confidence away from everyone’s notice, unlike the gemstone in a ring.

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