Why Is Amber With Inclusions More Expensive?

Fossilized resin from million year old trees is called amber. Resin that oozes out from the cracks in ancient trees capture insects or plants at times and preserves them. The trapped matters are called inclusions and they remain preserved and look fresh in spite of the years that passed between. The preservation level is so high that even the internal organs are preserved and sometimes even the individual cells are preserved with detail. Amber inclusions are of many types namely insects, flies, cockroaches, spiders, ants, bees and beetles. While amber is found in all parts of the world, the major contributor of amber is the Baltic region of North Europe. Clear amber enables you to see whatever is trapped inside. Be it plants or insects, you can have a clear view of the organic matter trapped inside and it offers great scope for photography.

Amber And Jewelry
The versatility of amber is one of the reasons for it being used in jewelry making for centuries. Amber is available in many colors and it is easy to work on while being challenging which makes it the designers’ delight. Amber is used in jewelry for its healing properties as well. Baltic amber is best suited for jewelry and its healing properties include relief from pain and curing irritation. The metaphysical properties associated with amber include attracting spiritual forces, promoting harmony, creating awareness thereby elevating the mind to a higher plane and many more. 

Specialty Of Amber With Inclusions
The most commonly available color is yellow and other colors available in amber are red, black, blue, green and white. The transparent amber is expensive as it enables you to see what is inside. 
While buying amber jewelry, you need to take into account its color and clarity. With fossils in amber, the price is sure to be on the higher side.

Amber with inclusions is very expensive owing to what they have to show you. They are not just decorative pieces but they shed light on the history of life thanks to the moments they capture and preserve in them for eternity. Owing to the quality of amber to preserve the species that are trapped inside, we get to know about species that are extinct. Further study on the species trapped inside at times leads to the species of the present era and this helps to understand the evolution of the species.

The uniqueness of amber is owing to its ability to trap and preserve species that once were alive and kicking. The interesting part of the preservation done by amber is the degree to which it preserves. The minute details of the species trapped inside is preserved and sometimes even the details of every individual cells are caught up and stored for viewers to learn about what had happened so many years ago.

Collectors will love amber with inclusions as not only are the species trapped but also the time. It is true that time waits for none and this is the reason why amber with inclusions is more attractive. Everything is destroyed when it reaches a particular stage and age but when it is amber that preserves the species, their ‘lifeless life’ is for eternity. Though they are captured and dead, they remain to be seen as fresh as they were when they were alive. No wonder, amber with inclusions are priced higher as they are prized possessions.