What To Look For While Buying Alexandrite Jewelry?

If you are planning to buy alexandrite jewelry, you need to have some ground facts about this unique gemstone. Alexandrite, a member of chrysoberyl, is very popular as the gemstone changes color under different lightings. Famously described as ‘emerald by day, ruby by night’, this gemstone is ancient and rare and hence it is expensive. Many jewelry makers create alexandrites, which are affordable and within the buying capacity of all. These man made alexandrites are called lab-created alexandrites and they share the same qualities with the natural alexandrites making it difficult to tell them apart. Hence, you need to first determine the type of gemstone you would want to go in for and make your choice based on your needs. Here are some suggestions to help you with your purchase.

This is the most essential factor you need to consider if you intend to go for natural alexandrite. It may not be easy for a beginner to comprehend the way the color changes under different light sources. While the purest form of alexandrite will change from green to red and in variations in shades of green and red, lighting sources could play foul while you choose. Fine specimens of alexandrites display change of color from bluish green to purplish red. It is better to look for green shade when the gemstone is under natural daylight to ensure that you have the original alexandrite. If the color change is intense, the value of the gemstone is higher.

8.5 Mohs on hardness scale, this gemstone is easily cut to make different shapes and designs. Hence, you will find alexandrites in round, oval and many other shapes. Go for the one that would suit your style and personality. While any shape will look great on a pendant or bracelet, you need to consider the shape and features of your face while looking for a particular shape of alexandrite earrings. 

Inclusions are found in alexandrite gemstones. The most common inclusions found are tiny crystals and rutile silk, which could be seen through out the gemstone or part of it. Spotting such inclusions might help you to ascertain the quality of alexandrite.

Large alexandrites are rare to find. Hence, if you are offered a large sized alexandrite for unbelievable price, you may as well not believe it. However, if the price offered seems to be appropriate for a gemstone that size and quality, you may seek professional jeweler’s suggestions before you go ahead with the purchase.

Reputation Of The Seller
The most important factor that needs to be considered is the seller’s reputation. In spite of all the suggestion on how to buy alexandrite jewelry, it may still be difficult for a novice to identify the natural gemstone from lab-created alexandrites. While lab-created alexandrites do not cost more and if you plan to buy them, you may approach sellers who make it clear that they are dealing with these types of gemstones. On the contrary, if you are planning to go in for natural alexandrite, the best way to go about it is to approach a seller of repute. It would do well to have the gemstone in question appraised by a reputed appraiser.

Alexandrites are rare and natural alexandrites are the most highly valued of all gemstones. Hence, make no mistake in your purchase. You are paying for a unique product. Hence, going an extra mile to have the genuinity of the gemstone confirmed is immaterial, as equally valuable is your hard-earned money.