What Can Amber Gemstone Be Used For Other Than Jewelry Making?

It is well known that amber gemstone is used in the making of jewelry. Amber, the fossilized resin of ancient trees does not limit its contributions to jewelry making alone. Like its rich history, its uses are rich and varied. Amber is found in several parts of the world and it has been used by various cultures all these centuries for various purposes. Let us highlight some of the most important uses of amber other than jewelry making.

Amber In Medicine
What would be more befitting to explain the medicinal qualities of amber to the present generation other than to say that Hippocrates, Father of medicine, has explained the medicinal properties of Baltic amber and its use? Amber has been used for centuries as traditional medicine to address various medical conditions including teething pain in infants, joint pain, muscular pain and arthritic conditions. It is also used to relieve stress and certain health conditions related to mind. It has been used in various forms but with one aim – to cure. Amber powder was used to cure problems related to eye, ear and throat. Amber syrup was used to tranquilize. Amber oil is used externally for generations and it is used in traditional acupuncture method. It is considered remedy for various ailments including body pain, jaundice, poor immunity and many more. Amber is suited for all ages as it helps to keep the user rejuvenated and bring back energy to the tired body and soul.

Amber In Construction
Amber has been used in construction by our ancestors for centuries. Human brain is remarkable as it identifies the best in everything and turns it into its use. Amber, the fossilized resin has been used by mankind for various purposes and one such use is in construction. Amber was used in many popular constructions in the past, which include the alter in Poland’s St. Brygida Church and the Amber Room in Russia belonging to the 18th century AD.

Amber In Art
Amber was greatly used by artisans to make various articles. They were used in the making of decorative items, chandeliers, jewelry boxes, carvings and many more. Evidences of usage of amber varnishes in the past are seen in various manuscripts and other sources.

Amber In Cosmetics
Amber is used in the making of various cosmetic powders to improve the appearance. We find amber being popularly used these days in the cosmetics world. Creams, powder and scrubs of amber are used to help with enhancement of blood circulation, tissue regeneration and many more. Amber powder helps to protect the skin from ultra violet rays.

Amber In Package Industry
Amber bottles are used by manufacturers of medicines and essential oils. As amber prevents UV rays from entering the container, it checks possible damage to the product inside. Amber bottles are used more in the storage of skin care products.

Amber In The Study Of Evolution
The size of amber’s contributions to various fields is minimized by its contribution to science. Amber necessitates in depth study by scientists to explore the past and understand the evolution of life on earth. The inclusions in amber which vary from plants to insects, ants, pollen grains and a lot more dating back to millions of years present the possibility to study ancient earth in elaboration. Some extinct species are found trapped in the fossilized resin and they make an interesting study in the process of tracing them to the species available now on earth. Some of the inclusions belong to the period of dinosaurs. Some scientists claim that evidence for diseases that might have affected dinosaurs to cause extinction is found in the fossilized resin.

Amber’s contribution to humanity is immeasurable. It is used as medicine, in art, in science and in various other forms. The scope for study on amber is wide. Amber could be said to open the window through which you could look into the prehistoric times when the first man was yet to evolve.