Types Of Emerald Jewelry

The breathtaking beauty of emerald gemstones ranks it amongst the most precious gemstones on earth. Emerald belongs to the beryl family and it is found in various parts of the world. The gemstone was used by various cultures across the world since ancient times. Evidences show that emeralds were sold in 4000 BC in Babylon. It was highly regarded for its stunning shade and for the qualities associated with it. Emerald is believed to have magical powers to ward off evil and make the wearer clairvoyant. It is believed to possess the powers to cure various medical conditions. It is further believed to strengthen one’s thought and action. The radiant gemstone has combined its stunning appearance and interesting features to win over the hearts of many and it is widely used in the making of many types of jewelry.  

Emerald Rings – Full Of Life – For Entire Life
Emerald engagement rings and emerald wedding rings are unique for their beauty. Emerald is said to symbolize faithfulness and hence men and women consider emerald as a perfect choice to have as engagement and wedding rings. Emerald gemstones are mostly set against gold and platinum whereas silver is not recommended. Since silver is non-durable, it is not used in the making of emerald ring. The color of emerald gemstone adds beauty to any style of ring you may choose. Whether you go for a medium sized emerald gemstone or small, emerald rings never fail to fascinate you.

Emerald Earrings – Look The Way You Like
Emerald earrings are a great choice for any occasion. Emerald goes well with every design you could make on a earring. Studs, drops, curls and swirls or any other type of earring will blend with emerald to produce the effect that you hope to bring. All shapes of the gemstone including round, heart shape, oval, pear and marquise are perfect for earrings. In short emerald earring is a beautiful accessory that makes your fashion statement complete.

Emerald Necklace And Pendants – Sincerely Yours
There can be no better necklace to partner with you to bring out the best in you. Emerald necklace is one of its kind as this exquisite piece of jewelry goes well with all outfits. The opulent color of the gemstone is a feast to your eyes. The beautiful stones allow intricate designs to be made out of them and hence with emerald gemstones, you could have a beautiful necklace with a simple design or extravagantly designed gorgeous necklace. Emerald pendants add style to the necklace. A pendant could enhance the beauty of your attire and accessories.

Emerald Bracelets – Give Your Hand The Perfect Pair
Emerald bracelets are dazzling and they look great on all designs. You could go for ‘all emerald’ bracelet or have a mix and match, as emerald looks great either way. It looks great by itself and when mixed with other gemstones, it radiates and brings out the best in others by complementing them. The color of the gemstone is pleasant on your eyes and hence going for any size and shape looks great on bracelets. Just ensure that you choose the style that matches your outfit and other accessories you intend to wear on a given occasion.

There is no gemstone like emerald and there is no color to equal the brilliance of emerald gemstone. The properties of emerald add value to the beauty of the gemstone and hence we find the demand for this gemstone growing.