Types of Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Amethyst gemstones are widely used in the making of jewelry. A variety of quartz, this purple colored gemstone is found in various parts of the world. Acquiring its name from Greek language, its meaning indicates the belief people associated with this gemstone. It means ‘not intoxicated’ and it is worn by people hoping that it would keep them from being addicted to alcohol. In the ancient times, the gemstone was considered highly valuable and it was hence used in crown jewels by royal families in European countries. Once they were known to be widely available, the stones lost its level of importance a bit but not its ground. It is still a highly valued gemstone for its classic appeal, stunning color and qualities. Amethyst gemstones are used in the making of different types of jewelry. Let us have a look into some of the famous types.

Amethyst Rings
Amethyst rings are very popular as they suit every setting be it gold or silver. As this gemstone is considered the birthstone for those born in the month of February, it remains the ideal choice of gift. The gemstone was most favored by royal families and hence they have been popular since the ancient times. The meaning associated with amethyst also contributes to the special favor amethyst rings enjoy. It is said to enhance spirituality and calm the mind. It is associated with success in business and hence widely worn as rings.

Amethyst Earrings
If you love earrings, you are sure to love amethyst earrings. Amethyst earrings make a perfect match for every type of jewelry and outfit and they look great for all occasions. These versatile gemstones enhance every style imaginable in earrings. They look great on studs, drops, lever back, knots, dangles and every other style you find in the market. All amethyst colors are beautiful in earrings and for all settings.

Amethyst Necklaces And Pendants
Necklaces have been worn since ancient times. They had a meaning in the past to be worn. Now, they are worn more for their impressive look and when gemstones like amethyst add to their beauty, there is nothing more one could hope for. The stunning hues of amethyst gemstones look so royal that it is hard to resist. Amethysts suit all styles in necklaces be it choker or collar or matinee. The versatility of amethyst gemstones gives space for you to mix them with other gemstones in the making of necklaces. Amethyst pendants suit all types of necklaces. The long rope model or the short choker model, you will find amethyst to be a perfect fit.

Amethyst Bracelets
Bracelets never go out of fashion and so do amethyst gemstones. The ancient gemstone has a fresh look and appeal that it remains in the list of all times favorites. Not only were the royals enthralled by the beauty of the gemstone, even the modern society love the gemstone for its color and style, not to forget its qualities. Amethyst gemstones suit all types of bracelets including charm bracelets, link bracelets and tennis bracelets. The ancient gemstone gives you the most sophisticated look.

Amethyst Bangles
Amethyst bangles are a necessary accessory in your amethyst collections. They are gorgeous and their colors make the bangles exclusive. You could choose any style of bangle and if you have amethyst gemstones embedded in the style, you could be assured of stunning results. 

These commonly available amethyst gemstones do not have a heavy impact on your pocket but they are sure to have a heavy and positive impact on your style and the way you carry yourself.