Tips To Take Proper Care Of Your Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst represents the best of quartz varieties. This purple gemstone is widely used in the making of jewelry since ancient times. Ancient European royal families as well as Egyptian royals used amethyst in their jewelry. They were considered most precious, which is evident from the fact that these gemstones adorned the crowns of the European royals. Amethyst is available in various parts of the world. Since quartz is the second most commonly available mineral on earth, the gemstone is available widely.

Amethyst may not rank alongside the most precious gemstones these days but they retain the attraction they held in the past thanks to their stunning colors and qualities. Amethyst jewelry is preferred for its elegance and it is affordable as well. While buying amethyst jewelry, it would be better to learn how to take care of the jewelry to retain the beauty of the gemstone. Here are some suggestions for ensuring proper care of amethyst jewelry.

The most attractive feature of amethyst gemstone is its color. It would do well to remember that subjecting the gemstone to extreme hot temperatures could result in the fading of gemstone. Avoid exposing the gemstone in extreme heat conditions. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Never put on your make up while amethyst gemstone is on. Wear your make up and after you apply hair spray and perfumes, you may proceed to wear your amethyst jewelry.

Chemicals can be harsh on your amethyst gemstone. Hence, while at household chores, it is best not to wear the jewelry on you.

Do not wear amethyst jewelry while you are in the swimming pool. Chlorine present in the water would damage the glow of the gemstone.

Accumulation of oil in the stone will result in the gemstone losing its brilliance. Hence, it is necessary to frequently clean the jewelry to keep it free off dirt and oil.

If you are used to wearing amethyst rings regularly, you need to ensure that you remove them while exercising. Even bracelets and bangles made of amethyst gemstones are not to be worn while exercising. As you sweat it out in a gym or in any sports activity, your gemstone will collect dirt deposits, which will result in the gemstone losing its luster.

Amethyst gemstones are hard but they are not resistant to harsh blows. Hence, take care to avoid harsh blows on your gemstone, which might result in fracture in the stone.

While cleaning, avoid leaving your gemstone for water for a long duration. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners to clean amethyst. Mix mild soap in warm water to clean your gemstone. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and then rinse.
Storing your amethyst jewelry is equally important if not more. After cleaning, you need to dry them before you store them. Use dry and soft cotton cloth to wrap your jewelry. Each of the amethyst jewelry should be stored separately so that they are not damaged due to contact with each other. Avoid keeping your amethyst jewelry in hot or cold place.

Amethyst gemstones have various features attributed to them and these features enhance the quality of the wearer’s life. They are said to bring peace and harmony and various medical benefits are associated with the gemstone. If you acquire amethyst gemstone fascinated by its looks and benefits, you need to ensure proper care to enjoy prolonged benefits while retaining the brilliance of the gemstone.