Tips To Care For Your Blue Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire, the alluring blue gemstone is one among the most sought after gemstones of the world. Ranking second in hardness scale, sapphire is only behind diamond. The blue colored gemstone is available in various other colors including yellow, white, green and orange. Found in various parts of the world, the gemstone has many unique qualities associated with it. It has been the most adored stone of the royal families in the past. The fascination for this gemstone is always escalating and so is its attraction in various forms of jewelry. If you would like to ensure that your sapphire jewelry retains its luster, you need to maintain them, as they richly deserve. Here are some tips on how to care for your blue sapphire jewelry.

One of the best advantages of sapphire gemstones is its hardness. Being the second hardest gemstone, it can be worn regularly.

1) Never have your sapphire jewelry on while you make-up. The chemicals in your cosmetics will be harsh on your jewelry. After you are done with your make-up, wear your jewelry on. Similarly, remove your jewelry before you remove your make-up.

2) Avoid getting involved in any type of physical labor, which might damage your sapphire. Be it cooking or gardening, sapphire gemstone is not the right partner.

3) Using chemicals with blue sapphire gemstone jewelry on you is strictly avoided.

4) Cleaning the sapphire does not involve a cumbersome process. Being hard, it could be easily cleaned at home. Soak your sapphire jewelry in warm water adding some mild soap to the water.

5)  After soaking, use a gentle brush that has medium bristles to reach out beneath the setting. Scrub with care and gently. If you intend deep cleaning, soak it for around 20 minutes.

6) After scrubbing, rinse the jewelry thoroughly.

7) In warm water, ammonia could be added. However, ensure that you do not use moisturizers of any sort or abrasives, which might steal the gemstone off its luster.

8) While cleaning a star sapphire, avoid mechanical methods in the cleaning process. Sapphire can break if hit heavily.

9)  You also need to take into account the fracture or inclusions you sapphire may have. Using mechanical methods on such sapphires might weaken the structure of the crystal.

10) Once you are done with the cleaning, dry the gemstone jewelry with a soft cloth.

11) After drying the gemstone, place each of your sapphire jewelry in a separate cloth so that they do not come in contact with each other.

12) Have comfortable arrangement in your jewel box to place the jewelry separately. Your diamond might scratch your sapphire and your sapphire might scratch the rest being second hardest next to diamond.

13) Keep the box in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight to ensure longevity of your favorite sapphire gemstone jewelry.

Sapphire jewelry is famous for its vibrant color, brilliant luster, superior clarity and intricate craftsmanship. You pay for all these qualities in sapphire. Hence, you need to pay attention to the details with regard to maintaining your sapphire jewelry so that the exquisite and gorgeous gemstone retains its beauty.