Tips To Buy Genuine Blue Sapphire

The never-ending fascination for blue sapphire makes it the most preferred inclusion in your accessories. The blue gemstone is expensive but with its rich color, brilliant clarity and magnificent luster, you cannot expect anything less. There are some imposters of blue sapphires in the market. Hence, you need to ensure that you make the right move. Even if you have genuine blue sapphire on hand, you need to know what to look for in the gemstone to make your investment worthy. Here are some important tips to help you with the process.

1) The color of the sapphire plays a key role in its rich appeal. Blue color sapphire is the most sought after in the market. When you buy blue sapphire gemstone, check if it does not have any overtones. Pure blue sapphire looks gorgeous.

2) The intensity of blue color needs to be strong without any trace of gray. Bear in mind the richer the color, higher is its value.

3) Consider the cuts in sapphire gemstones. Oval, round and cushion are most popularly found shapes in sapphires. Going for fancy cut will result in losing on the carat weight. This in turn will result in a higher price.

4) Ensure that there are no flaws in the cut of your sapphire gemstone. A gemstone with flaws in the cut will not look as brilliant as it needs to be. The color will not be projected to its optimum best if the cut is not good.

5) Clarity, like in all gemstones, needs consideration while you buy sapphire gemstones. The brilliance and transparency of a gemstone depends on the clarity. If the stone has uneven color face up, you need to avoid it. If the inclusions are obvious when they are worn, you need to avoid it as well. You could view the sapphire from jeweler’s loupe to look for inclusions in the stone. If the inclusions reach the surface, you may refrain from buying the sapphire.

6) To obtain the shade you want, you need to buy a large sized sapphire that weighs more. Such sapphires are rare and hence, the cost will be very much on the higher side.

7) While you look for large sized sapphire, the best bet would be to go for a loose stone. Loose stones offer you the possibility of looking from various angles to ascertain the quality of gemstone.

8) Knowledge on what to look for while buying sapphire gemstones will add to your advantage. The market is flooded with sapphires that are enhanced for color and clarity. If you look for gemstones without enhancement, you need to pay more for the same as they are rare.

9) Star sapphires are the most valued sapphires. Found in dome shape mostly, the sapphires display an inclusion that is star shaped. Hold the gemstone to the light and check if the star is well defined. The better the clarity, higher will be the quality and price. Being rare adds to their value.

Tap The Right Store
You may have all the information about sapphires on fingertips thanks to the various sources available on net. However, to ensure that you get value for your money, you need to visit only genuine jewelers where the risk factors are minimal. Sapphires are great and expensive and they demand all the attention before buying and after purchase.