Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Ring

One of the most interesting shopping experiences awaits you if you are planning to buy an engagement ring for the love of your life. It can be a challenging experience as well, as you need to buy the right ring that is perfect in every way, right from the size of the finger to the size of the budget, loved by the woman who has to wear it and provide you your money’s worth. The jewelry market offers you a stunning range of collections and if you are so overwhelmed that you are unable to choose, ask for a three stone engagement ring and then, you will not look beyond.

What Are Three Stone Engagement Rings?

Three Stone engagement ring is popularly referred to as the trilogy of diamonds. Usually made of 3 diamonds, these stones have different combinations as well. Some prefer to go for all diamonds while some love to have diamonds on either side with the center stone in ruby or any other gemstone. Mostly, the center stones are larger than the stones on their side. The setting of the stone provides you with various possibilities and all are impressive. You can have all three stones in the same cut or you could get creative and have three different cuts for the Three Stones thereby making the ring unique. A popular choice is to have the center diamond in round shape and the other two stones in pear shape.

Why is the Three Stone Engagement Ring Unique?

Three stone engagement rings give you a great scope to make it exclusive and you can also customize it the way you love. It allows using traditional and modern setting. You can have a mix of tradition and trendy style to let the ring dazzle. From the four C’s you would want to look for in the diamonds to the metal setting of the ring, you have room to play with your imagination. You may opt for same cut and color or go for a contrast that complement each other and accentuate the appeal of the ring. If you fancy more than a shape or two for your stones, a three stone engagement ring is the right choice for you. With stunning design, you can make your Three Stone engagement ring unique from every angle.

Above all, the Three Stone engagement ring has a special meaning. The ring is a symbol that stands for the past, present and future of your relationship. It not only blends Three Stones but it is a blend of your love life-the past, present and future. The stone at the center represents the present while the stones on either sides represent the past and future.

How to Buy Three Stone Engagement Ring?

  • Have a budget on mind as you step out to purchase a Three Stone engagement ring. Having a budget based on the forthcoming commitments will help you make the perfect choice.
  • Decide on the stones that you like to have in your Three Stone engagement ring. If you prefer to go all diamonds, make your choice based on the inevitable four C’s in diamond, the cut, color, clarity and carat weight.
  • The cut of the diamond at the center impacts on the overall appearance of the ring. Hence, spare no efforts while making your choice.
  • Diamond color needs special consideration while buying a Three Stone engagement ring. Let all your diamonds is of the same grade. You may go for a difference of one grade between the three diamonds and not more. Since the diamonds are closely set, higher grade difference will be obvious and may not look as appealing.
  • Have a perfect design to match the diamonds. Your choice of setting should go with the shapes of the stones. If you are not on a tight budget, you may want to make your ring more dazzling with accent stones.
  • While choosing the metal for your ring, ensure that the metal does not steal some of the lime light. Yellow gold does precisely that and hence it would do best to avoid it. White gold and platinum will be a great choice.

The Ultimate Choice

You would not want to settle for the second best when it comes to buying engagement ring for the special day. Sure, you would be looking for something unique and with meaning. Your choice naturally can only be Three Stone engagement ring as it is the ultimate choice that symbolizes your love life.