The World Of Agates

Agate is a semi-precious stone and it is a form of chalcedony. It is unique and differs from other forms of chalcedony as it is banded. The layers of different colors add attraction to this gemstone, which is commonly available in various parts of the world. Some of the colors in which the finely grained agates are available include blue, brown, green, white and red. The most interesting feature of agate is that every agate is unique in pattern and colors and you can never spot two agates to share the same color and pattern. In spite of being available abundantly, it is indeed peculiar to note that they are found in various combinations of patterns and colors though taken from the same specimen.

Where Are Agates Found?
Agates are naturally formed in the cavities of ancient volcanic rocks. Hence, they are found in various parts across the world. They have been used since prehistoric times and they have been very popular for some of the characteristics associated with them. They were said to be found in Achates River according to a Greek legend. The river is now famously called Drillo River and it is located in Sicily. Agates are easily sourced in various countries and we will look into some of the countries that produce agate.

United States
Agate is found in various parts of United States. Some of the places where agate is produced in the U.S. include Washington, Montana, Oregon and Idaho. Mojave blue from California has been gaining prominence for the past few years. Arizona owns the credit of being the only state to commercially produce fire agate.

Idar Oberstein in Germany is known to be the early producer of this gemstone in the land. Mining started in this region during the 14th century. Once the local deposits were exhausted, the place went out of agate map for a while. Now, the operations are up and the region has recovered.

Agate Creek in Queensland is known for producing some of the best agates in the world. It has a stunning variety of agates that are available in various colors. Some of the specimens found here are exclusive. The patterns available here are distinctly fortified.

Agates are found in Argentina in great numbers out of which three regions produce the most. They are Cuyean Region, Patagonian Region and Mesopotamian Region. While most of the agates found in Mesopotamian region are of poor quality, some are exceptionally great and rare.

San Luis Potosi and Aguascalientes are the two major sources of agate in the country of Mexico. Apache agates and fire agates are commonly found here. Apache agate is stunningly beautiful with floating red colors. Agua Nueva in Mexico also produces agate in great numbers.

Thunder Bay in Canada produces agates and this place is among the three places in Canada that produces agates. Moreover, Thunder Bay is the only place in Canada to have an agate mine.

In Khambhat, India, agate has been used for over thousand years in the making of beads and various other artworks.

Agate is bestowed with some of the best of nature. It is available in various colors and stripes. It is used in making jewelry and artworks. Though available abundantly, every agate has unique properties and they are distinct from each other.