The Stunning Colors Of Garnet Gemstone

Found in metamorphic rocks in various parts of the world, garnet gemstone stands apart for its brilliance. Garnets are formed when sedimentary or igneous rock transforms into metamorphic rocks due to heat or pressure. Garnet gemstone does not refer to a particular gemstone but a cluster of silicate minerals with common structures and components. These clusters resemble the seeds of pomegranate and hence it was called granatus, which is Latin word for pomegranate plant. 

Colors Of Garnet Gemstones
The garnet family consists of many garnet gemstones and the formally recognized garnets are almandine, andradite, pyrope, grossular, spessartite and uvarovite. Uvarovite is the most uncommon type of garnets that is hardly found. The sub varieties of garnets that are recognized are demantoid, rhodolite, hessonite, melanite, Malaya, mali and tsavorite. Garnet gemstones are found in various colors and the most famous is the red color. Other colors include green, orange, yellow, brown, grey, pink, purple and black.

Red Garnet Gemstone
When you think of garnet stone, the color red comes topmost to mind, as red is the color that is traditionally associated with garnet gemstone. Garnet is attached to various qualities including truthfulness, faith, protection and many more and wearing particular colors were favorably considered. Red color garnet is associated with power and significance. It is considered a stone that enhances one’s skills, vitality and an inspirational stone. This mesmerizing color is found in certain types of garnet including pyrope, rhodolite, and spessartite. Pyrope garnet is considered to align the Base Chakra and the Crown Chakra stimulating warmth. Red garnet gemstones were very popular in the Victorian era in the making of jewelry.

Green Garnet Gemstone
The most expensive of all garnets is demantoid garnet, which is green in color. This breathtaking garnet was initially considered as emerald gemstone before reality sank in. Such is the brilliance of green color garnets. The rarest of all garnets is the uvarovite garnet, which is also found in emerald green shade. This garnet is said to promote wealth and prosperity. Uvarovite garnet is associated with Heart Chakra and it is considered to promote spiritual aspirations. Green color grossular garnet is associated with prosperity and it is considered a great aid to develop new ventures and in promoting growth.

Orange Garnet Gemstone
Spessartite garnet displays orange color. This garnet is related to superior thoughts where the willingness to be of help to others is dominant. It promotes rational thinking. This gemstone is said to aid in the wearer achieving his goals. It is a great asset for artists in various fields as it promotes creativity. Spessartite garnet is used in preventing nightmares. It enhances analytical thinking and it boosts self-confidence. It is associated with medicinal properties, which include addressing digestive system and reproductive system.

Yellow Garnet Gemstone
One of the attractive garnets is yellow colored topazolite. A sub variety of andradite, topazolite is considered the most powerful of all types of andradite garnets. It is connected to Solar Plexus Chakra and it aids in improving concentration and perseverance.

Black Garnet Gemstone
Andradite garnet is found in various colors of garnet including black, olive green and dark yellow. Out of these different colors, black andradite garnet is considered the most important stone to stimulate creativity and enhance your perspective of life. It makes you more positive and it makes you dynamic. Black garnet could make you tap your potential and power that lie dormant in you.