The Stunning Colors Of Agate Gemstone

It is impossible to find any gemstone match agate with the colors it has to offer. A banded form of chalcedony, agate has the most wonderful color creation. Agate develops in the cavities of ancient volcanic lava. The host rocks that are filled in by molecules and layers enable the formation of agate. The gemstones are found in different colors as the colors and the patterns of these gemstones depend on the pressure, mineral content and the temperature during formation. Agates from same cavities have different colors and patterns.

Agates were used in Stone age around 20000 BC to 16000 BC. The gemstones were found in Western Europe where they were associated with various properties. The Greek legend says that Drillo River in Sicily had agates in great numbers. The river was earlier called Achates River. Agate was greatly regarded in the past, which is evident from the fact that three thousand bowls made of agate were accumulated by King of Pontus Mithradates. Some of the famous museums in European countries display agate bowls collected by royal families of Europe in the past. The color of agate is the most important reason for its overwhelming popularity.

Agates are available in various colors including brown, red, black, white, yellow and gray. The compositions that seep into the hollow cavities are the reasons for agates acquiring their colors. The meaning associated with the colors of agate make them more attractive.

Brown agate is considered to be producing energy. It was believed that brown agates could ward off the bad effects of evil eye. These agates were worn by soldiers while they were on a battle. Even today, brown agate retains the belief of bringing success to the wearer and hence people wear brown agate to be successful in any chosen task.

Black agate was considered to attract good fortune. It is believed to help in concentration and promote goodwill. People wore it to be relieved from fear and stress. It makes the wearer strong and courageous.

White agate was considered protection to mother and child from harm. It was worn to soothe pregnancy related problems such as morning sickness. It aids to address labour pain and wearing it helps in healthy flow of milk for the infant. 

Red agate is believed to possess powers to heal and rejuvenate. It was believed that wearing red agate would help one flourish in life. It aids in promoting love, courage, harmony and acceptance. It is popularly known as blood agate. Ancient Romans wore this to stay guarded against spiders and insect bites.

Yellow agate is associated with various qualities. It is believed to strengthen one’s heart, improve vision, enhance self-esteem, strengthen mind and body and make the wearer vital and full of life. It is said to be a great stone to help in communication and it makes the wearer a cheerful personality. It improves intelligence and ensures longevity.

Mostly in light color, gray agates are art times dyed to produce darker effect. It is worn to reduce negative thoughts and make the wearer emotionally stable.

All colors of agates are fascinating. Agates of various colors are used in jewelry making. These commonly available gemstones are famous for their colors and that is what makes them unique in spite of being available in great numbers.