The History And Story Behind Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine belongs to a family where emerald is a distinguished member. The brilliant gemstone is mostly found in light blue color and it is available in blue-green color as well. Aquamarine derives its name from Latin. ‘Aqua marinus’, the Latin phrase means ‘water of the sea’. Being in a delightful color that looks very much like the color of seawater, aqua marine was named thus. The stunning brilliance of the gemstone and its high-level transparency are the reasons for it being considered one of the best gemstones. The pleasant colored aquamarine gemstone is jewelry designers’ delight.

Aquamarine’s History
Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl. Apart from emerald, other gemstones of the Beryl family include morganite, which is called pink Beryl, heliodor, the greenish-yellow Beryl and goshenite, the clear Beryl. The gemstone gets its color from the traces of iron that get into the crystal structure. Most of these crystals are found in the pegmatite veins, which are inside the metamorphic rocks. While it still remains to be found out about the time of origin of aquamarine, documented evidences available point out that these gemstones were used as back as 300 BC by the Greeks. It was not until 17th century that these gemstones gained popularity.

Sources Of Aquamarine
Madagascar was the major producer of aquamarines in the ancient times. However, when various sources that produce aquamarines in stunning blue colors became known, Madagascar took the back seat. Now, Brazil tops the list of aquamarine producers. The intense blue hue in Brazil aquamarine is the reason for it being considered the most valuable of all aquamarines. Other aquamarine mines are seen in Asia, Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Tanzania and Zambia.  

Stories Behind Aquamarine
Like every famous gemstone having some stories associated to it, aquamarine has some interesting stories centering on it. Aquamarine was believed to be mermaids’ treasure, which helps in safe travel of sailors at sea. It is believed that the gemstone aided in addressing seasickness suffered by sailors. Every gemstone is believed to possess certain mystical powers and thus, it is said that aquamarine acquires more charm when it is immersed in water. The belief led to the gemstone being dedicated to sea goddesses.

Aquamarine is said to possess some magical powers, which helped with intuition and acquire psychic abilities. It enhances reasoning skills. It is associated with Throat Chakra. It cleanses the mind and rejuvenates the soul. It is believed to make the wearer courageous. It calms the mind and promotes love and compassion. It is effective in improving the communication skills of the wearer. It is also considered to possess medicinal qualities to cure certain medical conditions including continuous hiccups and insomnia.

How Aquamarines Are Evaluated?
Not by the size but by the clarity and color. Mostly aquamarines are found in large crystals. An aquamarine, which is large, may be valued at par with an aquamarine of smaller size. It goes to show that size is not the criteria. These gemstones are valued by their color and of course clarity. Those without inclusions are considered more valuable as well. Deep blue colors are very rare and hence rated high.

Aquamarine gemstones are very popular and when used in the making of jewelry, they look gorgeous. They go well with any combination and fit perfectly well in every setting imaginable.