The History And Story Behind Agate Gemstone

Agate is one of the most popular gemstones that has been used since the prehistoric period. There are evidences to show that this exquisite gemstone was used during Stone Age somewhere between 20000 BC and 16000 BC by the stone age men in Western Europe. If you go by the Greek legend, agate was found in Achates River, which is now known as Drillo River, situated in Sicily. This river is a major producer of this gemstone. It was used in the middle ages by Europeans.

History Of Agates
Agates are multi-colored form of chalcedony. They form in empty pockets in rocks when the pockets are filled in by molecules and layers. The hollow cavities in which agates develop are called vesicles. Though they form in various types of host rocks, a majority of agates is formed in ancient volcanic lava. Agate stands apart from other types of chalcedony as they are banded. The stunning color patterns along with the banding make this gemstone unique and fascinating. Every agate gemstone is unique. The specialty is that even agates from same specimen vary in color as well as design. 

Sources Of Agates
Agates are found in various parts of the world. They develop in hollow cavities as secondary deposits. The hollow cavities were formed when the gases trapped inside the lava escaped through the cracks, which in course of time resulted in the formation of hollow cavities. Idar-Oberstein district in Germany has abundant of agates. It is the major producer of this gemstone. It is produced in various other countries including Australia, Argentina, Botswana, Mexico, Poland and Uruguay with Brazil, India, China and United States playing the lead role. 

Stories About Agates
Agate was believed to possess curative properties. It was considered to possess the power to ward off thirst and protect the wearer from fever. Persian magicians believed in using agate to avoid storms from attacking their region.

It is believed that agate helps to address various conditions such as skin diseases, allergies, insomnia, stress, infertility, bone marrow and many more. It is said that it relieves thirst. It is also believed that it would address certain psychological conditions and make the wearer remain truthful, persuasive, and friendly and have a broader perspective of life. It is said to aid in improving concentration. 

It is also believed that it promotes goodwill and improves one’s creativity.

Uses Of Agates
Agates have various uses. Apart from being used in the making of jewelry, they are used in artwork and have industrial uses as well. Making paper knives and seals are some of its industrial uses. Being hard and acid resistant, they are used in mortars so that crushing and mixing chemicals would be easier. 

Are Agates Expensive?
The price of an agate depends on how you purchase it, either in its natural form or as an ornament. However, agates are not expensive. Being a commonly available stone, agate is inexpensive. If you go in for agate jewelry, you might have to shell out some money though not so big to leave a dent on your wallet. Agates are inexpensive as they are commonly available, but their colors and styles are unique and they are worthier than the money you pay for them.