Taurus – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

If within the chart from the native, Sun is posited as Lord within the Fourth house, but inimical to Venus, then your native should wear Ruby throughout the major period from the Sun, or he’d not gain worthwhile result, rather that may bear bad effects. Such condition the native should first consult an established pundit within the discipline.

If within the chart from the native the Moon lies within the Third house and it is the Lord there, he then must never wear pearl on person.

Within the Ascendant Taurus, the Mars may be the Lord of both Twelfth and Seventh houses. Hence the native with this Ascendant must never wear Coral.

Within the Ascendant Taurus, the Mercury becomes the Lord from the second and also the fifth triangle houses that will create thereby conferring recent results for the natives. As a result to that particular, the natives become endowed with family peace, wealth, intelligence, heirs, fame and social status and best of luck. Wearing the emerald throughout the major period from the Mercury becomes highly gainful. If, again, the emerald is worn in conjunction with diamond then your pair creates prosperity unbounded.

For that Ascendant Taurus, Venus may be the Lord. Hence, the native may always wear diamond for gaining health, lifeline, and success in everyday life. Diamonds may be the gem of life for such natives.

For that native with Ascendant Taurus, the Saturn may be the Lord within the Lord within the Ninth and Tenth houses, which ensures highly auspicious and conferring effects from the two planetary combination. Wearing blue sapphire would always ensure happiness, wealth, prosperity, fame and esteem, social status towards the natives. When worn in conjunction with diamond the native becomes doubly gainful.