Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split Shank Engagement Ring

You might have decided the moment you saw her that she is to be your partner for life. May be you did not take much time since you knew instantly that she is the right choice. However, when you start looking around for engagement ring, you may find things getting tougher. Nothing might seem good enough for her; maybe you did not set your eyes upon a split shank engagement ring.

What Is Split Shank Engagement Ring?

The bands in a split shank ring split open to form a thicker base to surround the central diamonds. The central diamond will be slightly bigger than the space between the split bands. However, split shank rings do not necessarily contain a split. The bands in some of these rings expand to form a ‘V’ shape on both sides so that central diamond can be set. The design of the ring allows you to get creative with the setting of diamonds.

Uniqueness of Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split shank engagement rings are awesome. Only the best go on forever even when trends change frequently. This is precisely why split shank rings are famous. The eternal appeal of the ring draws your attention instantly only to retain it for life. The rings represent individuality, which is evident in all its styles. You have endless choices to make them more exclusive. You can have a larger split thus bringing the central diamond closer to the finger making the skin a background for the stone. Alternately, you can have a narrow split and a bigger diamond at the center. You can have more than two segments and these multi section rings look stunning with small diamond setting on them. The rings allow customization and hence you can never refer to a particular design in split shank as the ultimate design.

Why Split Shank Engagement Ring Is Right For You?

It is a special occasion and you naturally want the best. The setting of a split shank engagement ring is unique. With a sizeable budget, you can have pave-set diamonds studded on the shanks that surround the central diamond. The setting looks brilliant and highly personalized. The central diamond is secured thanks to the smaller diamonds that surround it. The ring looks elegant and feminine and you are right if you assumed that the woman in your life would love it. As the rings allows for customization, you can play around with the designs. You can opt for a round central diamond set in a square halo. You can have twisted shanks, which look amazing by itself. You are sure to find in a split shank engagement ring the best possible way to say it with love.

Factors to Consider While Buying Split Shank Engagement Rings

  • It is quite an investment and above all, it is meant for the special day. Ensure that you consider the following before you make your purchase.
  • Since the settings and styles are many in split shank engagement rings, you need to consider the style that would best suit the person and her taste. They style of the ring complements various shapes of diamonds such as round diamonds, cushion cut diamonds and princess diamonds.
  • The setting needs attention not only for the design but for the budget as well. If you go for a platinum setting, the price will be on the higher side.
  • Most of the styles in split shank engagement rings may not pair well with wedding bands. Hence, take time to assess if the style would match your wedding ring.

Express Your Sentiment In Style

The aesthetic designs of split shank engagement rings make them special. The price depends on the type of setting you choose. Delicate settings with dazzling diamonds might cost you more; but considering the worth and the endless joy it stands proof for, don’t you feel that you are receiving more than your money’s worth?