Sources Of Garnet Gemstones Across The World

Garnet gemstones have been famous since ages for their stunning brilliance and amazing properties. They were considered to be associated with truth, purity and faith. They are said to address various health conditions including heart ailments, lung diseases and infection. Garnet gemstones were a part of lifestyle of various cultures across the world. In fact, garnet is not a separate gemstone but a group of silicate minerals with similar components and structures. They are found in metamorphic rocks. Some of the famous garnet types are andradite, almandine, demantoid, hessonite, carbuncle, rhodolite and topazolite. One of the most attractive features of this commonly found gemstone is its colors. It is found in various shades of rainbow excepting blue color.

Sources Of Garnet Gemstone
Garnet gemstones are found in various parts of the world including Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, USA, Slovakia, Switzerland, Soviet Union, Srilanka and Tanzania. Let us have an overview of some of the famous sources of garnets.

Africa ranks at the top in garnet producing in the world. In the year 1996, the largest garnet ever to have mined was found in Africa. Some of the best garnet gemstones are mined in East Africa. The land has produced garnets in various shades including red, green, pink, purple, brown, orange and yellow. Blue color, which is considered near non-existent in garnets, is seen here as color change garnet. 

The garnet types commonly found in Australia are almandine and pyrope. While there are many garnet mining sources in Australia, Fullerton River and Harts Range lead in production of garnets. An interesting piece of information about garnets in Australia is that it this gemstone was initially mistaken for ruby when found in the Northern Territory. This gave rise to more than 20 ruby companies in the land, which collapsed when the identity of the gemstone was established.

Brazil is a rich source of garnet gemstones. Minas Gerais in Brazil produces garnets in plenty. Yet another site that produces garnets in Brazil is the area near Belo Horizonte, a Brazilian city.

Garnets are found in various regions in India. Almandine, the oldest of all garnets, is found in abundance in this land. For over thousands of years, the land has been a major source of this type of garnet. They are found in riverbeds and the Indian Ocean. . Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Orissa are some of the major producers of garnets in India The hardness of the gemstone encourages usage in sandblasting and polishing.

Madagascar is famous for various types of precious stones. The enchanting demantoid garnet, considered the best of all garnets, is present in its most beautiful form in the land. Various locations in the entire east coast of Madagascar produce garnet gemstones.

Garnet gemstones from Slovakia are some of the most beautiful gemstones, which are deep red in color.

Demantoid, the green color garnet, is the most famous of all garnets. This is the softest and the most expensive garnet as well. The beautiful garnet was initially mistaken for the famous emerald gemstone. It was discovered in Russia in the Ural Mountains. The radiant gemstone is used in antique jewelry.

Garnets found in USA are used in the making of jewelry as well as for industrial purposes. Gore Mountains produces the most of garnets. The gemstone was named New York’s official gem.

Garnets found across the world have always been an inspiration for various cultures. Associated with purity and truthfulness, the gemstone finds its rightful place in the list of favorites.