Sources Of Blue Sapphire

Sapphire is an alluring blue variety of corundum. It belongs to the same family to which ruby, the red variety belongs. Second only to diamond in the list of hardest minerals found on earth, sapphire has been popularly used since ancient ages. Widely used in the making of jewelry, the gemstone has industrial uses as well. The stunning blue color gemstone has many beliefs associated with it and the most important attribute is that it is a protector. It is believed to safeguard the wearer from evil spirits, calm the mind and relieves stress. As we see in most gemstones, this fascinating gemstone has health benefits too to offer.

Blue Sapphire – A Simple Outline
Sapphire belongs to the family of corundum and we find yet another distinguished member in the family in the form of red colored ruby. Sapphire, which is mostly seen in blue color, is available in various other colors including white, yellow, brown, pink and purple. These ancient gemstones are seen in igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and in alluvial deposits. The gemstones were used by royals in the past. Kings were seen with sapphires around their necks, as they believed in the gemstone’s ability to protect from hazards.

Countries Where Blue Sapphire Is Found
Sapphire gemstones are available in various parts of the world including Kashmir, Burma, Srilanka, Thailand and Brazil. Let us have a quick review on the sapphires found here.

If based on the colors, Kashmir sapphires can be classified into three types as deep blue sapphires, green sapphires and sapphires with a shade of red. Ancient texts in India refer to sapphires. Deposits of blue sapphires were found between 1879 and 1882. The peak for sapphire findings in Kashmir was between 1882 and 1887. Kashmir has produced the finest specimens of sapphires. Now Kashmir sapphires are hard to come by and they are considered prized possessions.

Yet another region where you will find sapphires of superior quality is Burma. Now called Myanmar, the land is famous for producing some of the most exclusive blue sapphires. The gemstones from Burma are popular for their color and transparency. The purity of color of the gemstone is of a superior level that you will find the color remain unchanged under any type of lighting. Even the best sapphires from Kashmir appear in a slightly lighter tone but Burmese gemstones look the same. However, the color quality is second to Kashmir. As calcite is present in Burmese sapphires, heat treatment does not produce desired results.

Sapphires from Srilanka are of superior quality. The land is abundant in gems and hence it is called as Gem Island. The color, clarity and luster of the gemstones found here are rare. The largest sapphire in the world was found in Srilanka and the land is the leading producer of sapphires today.

Blue sapphires as well as yellow sapphires are famous in Thailand. Blue sapphires are found to be purely blue and yellow sapphires of quality are in golden yellow and dark yellow. Clarity and transparency of these gemstones are superior.

While we find sapphires depleting and the mines closed in various places like Kashmir and Thailand, Brazil has registered new finds. The sapphires of Brazil range from blue to purple. Pink color purples are also found here.

Sapphires are found in few other countries including China, Madagascar, Rwanda and Australia. The production of these gemstones in some of the countries has greatly reduced but the fascination and the high esteem for the gemstone grows by the day.