Scorpio – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

Within the chart from the natives from the Ascendant Scorpio Sun may be the Lord as well as friendly towards the Ascendant Lord. Hence ruby will be good for the natives particularly in realisation of favours in the powerful, social status and wealth as well as for getting promotion operating or business. It is best that ruby ought to be worn throughout the major period from the Sun.

Within the chart Moon is posited within the Ninth (that’s, Luck line) house and it is its Lord. Hence wearing pearl would ensure development in his / her of theism, karma, and luck together with growing happiness from parents.

Mars within the Lord from the Ascendant Scorpio, hence its natives would find wearing coral immensely favourable. The coral is the choice gem of life.

For that Ascendant Scorpio Mercury may be the Lord within the Eighth and Eleventh houses. The Ascendant Lord Mars and Mercury commonly are not in friendly commune. Though it’s not a pure planet for that Ascendant Scorpio, the emerald is worn throughout the major amount of Mercury, the natives will be blessed with financial benefits and prosperity.

Jupiter is recognized as a favourable planet for that Ascendant Scorpio as it’s the Lord within the Second house and also the Fifth triangle. This apart, the Ascendant Lord Mars and Jupiter are mutually in friendly commune, hence the native should wear the yellow sapphire.

Within the Ascendant Scorpio Venus may be the Significator from the Expenditure along with the Seventh houses, offering a Significator’s role. Also, the Ascendant Lord Mars and Venus will never be in friendly commune in this chart, hence the natives shouldn’t wear diamonds.

Within the Ascendant Scorpio chart Saturn may be the Lord of Third and Fourth houses, and isn’t considered a favourable planet. Even then, throughout the major amount of Saturn, because of its existence within the Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh houses, the natives may wear blue sapphire.