Sagittarius – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

Within the Ascendant Sagittarius, Sun may be the Lord from the Ninth (Luck) house and it is in friendly communion using the Ascendant Lord. Hence the native should wear ruby based on his / her needs for attaining improvement fortunate, self, and happiness from father’s side. Putting the ruby on person throughout the major periods of Sun would become highly good for the natives.

The natives should not wear pearl because Moon may be the Lord from the Eighth house.

Within the chart from the ascendant Sagittarius, Mars is posited within the Fifth triangle and within the Twelfth house as Lord. For Mars’ being the Lord within the Triangle, it is recognized as a favourable planet, hence wearing coral would ensure familial happiness, wealth, fame and luck.

Within the chart from the Ascendant Sagittarius, the native has Mercury the Lord within the Seventh and also the Tenth houses. Additionally, it inherits the faults of being the Lord from the qandrant cardinal houses. Even then, when the Mercury is posited within the Second, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth or Eleventh houses, then wearing emerald throughout the major amount of Mercury provides the natives financial benefit, development in business and prosperity. When the mercury is posited within the worst situation, even then it is usually advisable how the natives wear emerald.

Towards the natives born intoxicated by the Ascendant Sagittarius, Jupiter may be the Ascendant Lord as well as of your fourth house and, thereby, proves highly favourable. The natives must always wear yellow sapphire like a protective talisman. As it’s the gem of life for that natives, the gem ought to be worn throughout the major amount of Jupiter. Also, if worn mixed with from the ruby, the result will be doubly ensured.

For that natives Venus isn’t the favourable planet, as it’s the Lord from the Sixth and also the Eleventh houses. This apart, it’s also inimical towards the Ascendant Lord Jupiter. Even then, due to the being the Lord from the Eleventh house, within the chart it’s also positioned within the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth houses. Hence, the natives can wear diamond throughout the major amount of Venus.

For that natives, the Saturn is posited within the chart within the Second (death-inflicting) and also the Third houses since the Lord, the planer is recognized as unfavourable towards the natives. This apart, Saturn is inimical towards the ascendant Lord Jupiter. Hence the native must never wear blue sapphire.