Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Ring

‘A rose is a rose by any other name’ says a famous proverb. Rose is associated with beauty and it is considered a symbol to express profound love. No wonder rose gold engagement rings are gaining popularity these days. Until recently, gold, platinum and diamond were the most popular choices for engagement rings. Now, the trend seems to have changed and the preference to break away from tradition and customize their special day seems to be the most dominant factor in determining the engagement ring. Your engagement ring is not to represent your status but it has to reflect your feeling and it has to be your expression of love rather than a mere fashion statement. What other choice can you have that could surpass a rose gold engagement ring, which makes your day perfect with its dazzling color? And of course a stronger feminine appeal would make for that great look on the woman of your life.

What Is Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

If you are wondering what rose gold is, proceed with the reading and you might want to end up buying rose gold engagement ring for your fiancé. Gold is one of the precious metals used in the making of jewelry. However, pure gold being very soft, it is always used with other metals in jewelry making. Such metals used in combination are alloys. The color tones in gold jewelry are the result of the combination of various alloys. The color acquired when copper and gold combine is rose gold. A break from conventional rings but rose gold has become an increasingly popular choice thanks to the unique color in gold.

Rose gold can be made in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct. Depending on the level of gold content in the ring, the color varies from pale pinkish to red. Hence, you will find that in 18ct, the color is richer than in 9ct. So is the durability of 18ct rose gold. It is the most favored choice for making engagement rings.

Why Rose Gold Ring Might Be A Great Choice?

You may say it with flowers or you may say it with your looks – love has its own definition and it is beyond words and action. Your engagement ring is not only to signal the arrival of forthcoming wedding, it is also a way you attempt to express your love. While neither words nor material can be a perfect translation of your love for the woman you are going to pair with for the rest of your life, you make an earnest attempt to make her happy with your choice; rose gold rings fits the bill perfectly well. Rose stands for romance and what other perfect time could you find. Irrespective of the varying shades, the color in itself symbolizes love and affection. Hence, it is becoming a hot favorite.

Popular Styles Of Rose Gold Engagement Ring

You are never want of choice if you were to choose rose gold for your engagement. The color blends well with various designs and hence it sets perfectly on every pattern you conceive in your imagination. Here are some popular styles.

Vintage Style

Old is gold and so are the styles of the past. By choosing vintage style engagement rings, you can have the best of both worlds. When you have rose gold on the timeless vintage designs, you are sure to produce magic. It is a natural choice of anyone who loves to retain traditional look while going trendy.

Two Toned Ring

Yet another choice if you want to have a dash of traditional look in your wedding ring. With diamonds studded in the ring, you can highlight the tones and make a stunning presentation.

Celtic Style

An antique style again that renders charm. You can customize it the way you want and the interwoven knots will blend to give room to every idea of yours. While the knots themselves are attractive, with the right choice of other precious stones, you can make your celtic style rose gold engagement ring unique.

Gem Stone Studded Rose Gold Ring

Go all out and let your imagination run loose. Pick the gemstone of your choice to replace the conventional diamond in the engagement ring. Aquamarine, ruby, emerald and sapphire match perfectly well with a rose gold ring. Based on the budget, you may accentuate the looks of the ring with small diamonds studded around the gemstone.

Simple, Yet Stunning

A very simple and popular design that looks stunning is the normal ring with one large or medium sized diamond studded in it. The plain design in rose gold is fascinating and with diamond setting, it looks marvelous. The design is simple but the message it conveys is special.

Facts to Consider While Buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

  • If you are more inclined towards buying deeper rose shade, 14 carats rose gold can be the right choice.
  • If you are keen to have more gold, you need to go for 18 carats rose gold as it has 75% gold and 25% copper.
  • Depending on the budget, you can make your choice of style. Simple styles do not pinch your pocket much.
  • If you were to have precious stones in your rose gold ring, you have to shell out some good amount of money. Weight of the rose gold ring is also taken into account while determining the rate.
  • For a fashionable and trendy ring, you may opt for rose gold rings with gemstones.
  • You have a great scope for customizing your ring as you can choose the size and shape of the precious stone and the design as well.
  • While the finger size is important when you buy a ring, you need to have accurate measurements of the finger if you were looking for customized design. With a perfect fit, the rings become much more special.

A Perfect Choice for the Perfect Pair

Rose gold engagement ring is gaining center stage. Out of the many types of rings, some rings stand the test of time to remain in vogue like the Edwardian engagement rings. It may not be appropriate to make a comparative study of these two types of engagement rings, as both are exclusive and belong to different territories. Ensure that you are comfortable and happy with your choice. It is for your partner and you will want the ring to last forever as your love will.