Places Where Amethysts Are Found Across the World

Amethyst, the beautiful gemstone is a form of quartz. It occurs in igneous and metamorphic rocks. However, the gemstone is found in great numbers in volcanic rocks and it occurs rarely in sedimentary rocks. The purple gemstone acquires its name from Greek word, which is used to mean ‘not intoxicated’. The meaning shows the importance attached to a particular quality of gemstone and that is the belief that it would help against getting addicted to alcohol. Other than purple, amethyst is available in violet, mauve and lavender.

Where Are Amethysts Found?
Amethysts are found in various parts of the world. The major deposits are found in Brazil and Uruguay with Madagascar coming in behind. The other countries were amethysts are found include Russia, Canada, Germany, Afghanistan, Italy, Austria, Pakistan and Hungary.

Brazil produces some of the finest specimens of amethysts. It is mined in Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Maraba. Amethysts mined in Minas Gerais produce greenish color upon heat treatment and some jewelers refer to these as ‘green amethysts’.

Deep purplish blue colored amethysts of Uruguay are very popular. The specimens found here are considered the most beautiful. They, however, have blemishes. Artigas in Uruguay produce amethysts of superior quality. Amethysts found are considered 130 million years old.

Zillertal Alps in Austria is the major source of amethysts in the land. The gemstones produced here pale quickly when frequently in sunlight than those found in other lands. However, some of the finest amethysts found here are valued higher than the gemstone from Uruguay.
Murinska in Ural mountains is the major source of amethyst in Russia. Some of these gemstones found here have deep color and they are very beautiful too. Since the source has been exploited and hence now depleted of gemstones, Russian amethysts are hard to obtain.

Amethysts found in Nyiri in Zempleni Mountains in Hungary are unique. Amethyst crystals seen here possess a silk glow and they are translucent.

Idar-Oberstein in Germany where agates are found is precisely where amethyst deposits were found. Now depleted of gemstones, mining activities have been stopped here.

Amethysts in Italy are colored evenly. The transparent and clear gemstones found here do not have a deep shade. Sourced from Osilo, these gemstones collections here do not involve heavy labor. They are normally large.

Two of the most famous sources of amethysts in African countries are Zambia and Namibia. The clarity of amethysts found here are amazing. Indistinct amethysts are carved. The gemstones are found in great numbers in Namibia as well as South Africa.

Thunder Bay in Ontario and Digby are the two major sources from where amethysts are found in plenty. Thunder Bay amethysts contain inclusions in the outer most layers.

Some of the most beautiful amethyst gemstones are found in Kazakhstan. Lake Balkhash near Preozersk is famous for quality production of these gemstones. While the prisms of the crystals are near white, the tips have intense color. The crystals are mostly double terminated.

Amethysts are found in various other parts of the world. This beautiful gemstone is inexpensive since it is available in great numbers. They are used in jewelry making. Regardless of them being common, the beauty of the gemstone is not common.