Pisces – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

For that natives born with Ascendant Pisces ruby isn’t advisable. Since the Sun this is actually the Lord from the Sixth house. However, there might be the best. The sun’s rays finding yourself in friendly communion with Jupiter, whether it be posited within the Sixth house then throughout the major period from the Sun the natives can wear ruby.

Within the Ascendant Pisces’ chart, Moon may be the Lord from the Fifth triangle. Hence wearing pearl would make sure the natives familial happiness, advancement in education, fame and social status and boosting from the luck line, especially once the pearl is worn throughout the major period from the Moon.

Within the chart Mars may be the lord from the Second house and also the Ninth triangle, hence our planet is extremely favourable. Which means when the natives wear the coral they’d be especially benefited. When they wear coral in conjunction with pearl and yellow sapphire, then they’d be trebly benefited.

Within the Ascendant Pisces’ chart, Mercury is posited within the Fourth and also the Seven houses as Lord. That provides our planet the faults of quadrant cardinal house. If within the chart Mercury be posited within the Second, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth or Eleventh as well as be within the domal dignity, wearing emerald throughout the major amount of Mercury will be highly beneficial financially. Those, whose lifeline is nearly closing, shouldn’t wear emerald whatsoever, however.

Within the chart from the Ascendant Pisces Jupiter is definitely an auspicious planet as it’s the Ascendant Lord as well as posited within the Tenth house as Lord. The natives, therefore, should wear yellow sapphire and satiate almost all their heart’s desires. Yellow sapphire may be the gem of life for that natives.

Within the chart from the Ascendant Pisces’ natives, Venus may be the Lord from the Second and Eighth houses. It’s, therefore, highly injurious towards the natives. The native should not wear diamond.

Saturn is recognized as as inauspicious planet for that natives from the Ascendant Pisces, because it is posited within the Eleventh and also the Twelfth houses since the Lord. This apart, it’s also inimical towards the Ascendant Lord. Even then, throughout the major amount of our planet, and when Saturn is posited within the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth or even the Ascendant, the natives may wear blue sapphire to achieve financially. However, those born within the Planet’s direct influence should not wear nowhere sapphire.