Neil Lane Engagement Rings

Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Neil Lane engagement rings are stealing the show of late, as they are the favorite choice of Hollywood celebrities. Neil Lane, the jewelry designer from Brooklyn, now settled in Los Angeles, has won the hearts of many leading personalities with his stunning designs. He has achieved various milestones in the jewelry world including his famous association with DeBeers. Being a trendsetter, he introduced to the American market the famous rough-cut diamond sautoirs. Vintage European diamond cuts were reintroduced by him. No wonder Neil Lane engagement rings have become a hit in the bridal market.

Uniqueness Of Neil Lane Engagement Ring

Neil Lane engagement rings are uniquely designed. These designer wear engagement rings are created to suit your taste and your budget. One of the interesting features of Neil Lane engagement rings is that they are handmade and not mass-produced by machines. Since experts are involved in the making of the rings, every ring is unique with its own style. The handcrafted intricate designs add vintage look to the ring making it more valuable. The beautifully set diamonds enhance the quality of the ring. Since you can customize the ring the way you want, you can have your pick from vintage, classic and contemporary designs and have one of the best creations for the woman in your life. The metals most commonly used in the making of these rings include platinum, titanium, pure gold, white gold and silver.

How To Buy Neil Lane Engagement Ring?

While buying Neil Lane engagement ring, take into account the following factors:

Have A Budget Fixed: Considering the high prices of Neil Lane engagement rings, you may want to have your budget fixed before you start looking for the ring. With a budget in mind, you will be able to narrow down your choices and choose the one that best fits the budget size as well.

Metal Matters: If you are planning for a customized ring, choose your metal setting based on your budget. If you were concerned about the durability of the ring, platinum would be the right choice. If you are on a limited budget, gold setting will be fine. Whatever the metal, you are sure to have the best ring, as it is a Neil Lane engagement ring.

The Inevitable Four C’s: Like in any diamond that you purchase, you need to look for the four C’s while buying this ring. Ask the seller for the details of the diamond in the ring you are about to purchase.

Mind Matters The Most: There can be no doubt that the woman in your life is going to love the Neil Lane engagement ring. However, since the investment is high, you need to make doubly sure that she likes the design you have chosen. If you want to ensure that you give her what she likes, it may be better if both of you shop together for the Neil Lane ring for the engagement. If you want to surprise her, take into account her tastes before you decide so that the surprise is pleasant producing the desired effect.

The Perfect Match

Since it is your engagement, you cannot afford to make a mistake. If you opt for a Neil Lane engagement ring, you rule out the possibility of errors. Since skillful designers are employed in the making of these rings, you will not be able to spot any fault in the rings. Be it the quality of the metal or the quality of workmanship, you will find that the Neil Lane uses the best in the production. The designs being unique and made exclusively for you, it is not possible for you to find any other Neil Lane ring sharing the same features. The ring is, truly yours.