Most Famous Amethyst Gemstones In The World

Amethyst, the most alluring quartz variety, is unique in its appearance and qualities. Aged over million years, the purple gemstone is considered the most appealing form of quartz. The gemstone acquires its name from Greek and the meaning is ‘not intoxicated’. It was believed that Moon Goddess Diana transformed a girl named Amethyst into a crystal form in an attempt to save her from two ferocious tigers sent by Bacchus, the Roman god of wine. Following the transformation of Amethyst into crystal stone, the wine in the hands of Bacchus slipped from his hands accidentally to drench Amethyst. This was the reason, the legend states, for the color of the stone amethyst.

Amethyst gemstones are available in various parts of the world making them a commonly available gemstone. However, some amethyst gemstones are superior and hence they are listed amongst the famous amethyst gemstones the world has ever seen.

The largest ever cavity that produced amethyst was discovered in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.  It was in the year 1900 and a piece that weighed 200 kgs was discovered in this treasure. This is now in display in Washington Museum.

In the year 1993, Maine in USA, revealed a three-metre long druse in which amethysts weighing over 1000 kgs were discovered. 

Duchess of Windsor adorned one of the most attractive amethyst necklaces the world has ever seen. The bib style necklace had amethysts, diamonds and opaque turquoise beads in gold setting. Amethyst was set as a pendant as well in the necklace and it was heart shaped with three diamonds. The unique style, which marked a new beginning in necklace style, is captivating.

Arizona houses four peaks that are famous for amethyst production. The four mines are situated around 7900 feet high on the Matazal Mountains. Discovered initially by Spaniards during 18th century, it was later discovered in the beginning of the 20th century. The mines are highly inaccessible and they produce some of the finest amethysts the world has ever seen. The color of the gemstone found here ranges from pale lavender to intense reddish purple. Royal families of various European countries have these gemstones on their crowns. British crown has one of the famous amethyst rings set in it. It is said to have been obtained from Edward the Confessor’s ring. It was believed to possess the power to fight contagious diseases.

Egyptian rulers too had fascination for these gemstones. Gemstones from these mines have made their way into jewelry world in the form of exquisite jewels designed by leading jewelry designers.

Amethyst was favored by St. Valentine. This is why the gemstone is considered a symbol of love and hence the right choice to present to lovers.

Uruguay amethysts are considered the most beautiful in the world despite the blemishes seen               in them. Austria produces amethysts and some are said to excel in quality while compared with the best of Uruguay gemstones. Amethysts from Minas Gerais in Brazil acquire green color on heat treatment. They are famously called ‘green amethysts’.

Amethysts are found in various parts of the world and in spite of being commonly available, they are most preferred for their colors and the meaning they carry.