Make The Right Choice With Online Guide For Buying Emeralds

Emeralds are fascinating gemstones that attract the moment you set your eyes on them. The rich color and quality of the precious gemstone make it one of the most favorite gemstones of all times. Emerald is over million years old. Recorded history points out that it has been used at least since 6000 years. The gemstone is believed to possess various qualities that helped relax the eyes, strengthen one’s words and aid in various medical conditions. Most important quality attached to the gemstone is its magical power that bestowed the wearer with clairvoyance and also aided in warding off evil spirits. If you were looking to buy emerald gemstones, it would do well to learn some of the most essential aspects you need to consider while you purchase. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right move.

Color Of Emerald Gemstone
Emerald is famous for its green color and it is available in various shades of green. The presence of chromium in the composition is instrumental in the changing shades of the gemstone. More the chromium, richer and darker the green in emerald gemstone. You need to check the color of the gemstone in your attempt to ascertain its value. Columbian emeralds display deep green color while Zimbabwe emeralds that produce nearly the same shade have smaller magnitude. Emeralds from Zambia are bright colored with good clarity. Indian emeralds are bluish green in color and Brazilian emeralds display bright light green. If you could associate the color with its source, it would help you to evaluate the gemstone better.

If a gemstone does not have inclusions, it is not emerald. Some of the common inclusions in emerald include fractures, silk and carbon. Inclusions in emerald are accepted as a natural element in the gemstone. Fake emeralds do not have inclusions. If you find a silk inclusion, you can bet your salary on it as silk inclusions could not be lab treated and hence you could be sure that you have a valuable possession.

Cut of a gemstone is one of the most essential factors considered while ascertaining the value of the gemstone. A perfect cut improves the brilliance of the gemstone as it displays the color of the gemstone to its advantage. The most common cuts in emerald are square cuts, round, oval and octagon cuts.

The price of the gemstone is based on its color, clarity and its carat weight. Smaller gemstones are less expensive and if you go for bigger sized stones, you may have to shell out quite some amount. If the green color is brighter and deep, the price is on the higher side. Lesser flaws result in higher price as well.

While emerald gemstones available in various parts of the world have unique qualities and special for their own reasons, some sources produce the best. Mines in Zambia and Columbia are considered the producers of some of the best emeralds. Following line are Brazil, Russia and Norway.

Reputed Seller
Even if you have sufficient knowledge on emerald gemstone, it would be better to make your purchase from a reputed seller who also knows his products. There are imitations doing the rounds in the emerald market and hence seeking a reputed seller would ensure that you have the right stone.

Emerald is a beautiful gemstone and its attraction seems to be growing every day. The ancient gemstone adapts perfectly well with the current fashion thanks to its stunning brilliance and superior quality. Ensure that you identify the real from fake and make a wise investment in a gemstone that is believed to possess various qualities to help the wearer remain healthy and safe.