Leo – Gemstones Based on Sun-Sign (Zodiac Sign)

The lord from the Ascendant Leo is Sun. Ruby may be the highly beneficial gem for that natives with this Ascendancy. The native must always wear Ruby on person. The ruby protects the native even if they falls amidst the enemies, and whatever adverse steps will be contrived from the native through the inimical forces, would result in help the native. The ruby would protect the native mentally, physically and be sure longevity. The natives born underneath the Ascendant Leo are emotional. They ought to always wear ruby to enhance the self-confidence and also to keep proper mental balance. Indeed, the ruby may be the gem of life for that natives.

When the chart from the Ascendant Leo shows the Moon within the Twelfth house as Lord, then your natives shouldn’t wear pearl. However, when the Moon is posited in its quarter (domal dignity) within the Twelfth house then your pearl could be worn throughout the major period from the Moon.

Within the chart if Mars may be the Lord within the Second house and it is experiencing the Domal dignity, and when the lifetime from the native isn’t quite close then if they wears coral that could bring her or him wealth.

If within the chart Mercury may be the Lord within the Ninth and Eleventh houses, can also be the Lord from the Ninth triangle, then your Mercury is favourable towards the natives. They might wear emerald for growth.

Within the chart Jupiter, being the Lord within the Third and also the Sixth houses, is recognized as favourable. This apart, the Ascendant Lord and Jupiter have been in friendly commune. Yellow Sapphire isn’t suggested towards the Ascendant Libra-born natives.

If within the chart Venus may be the Ascendant Lord, then your natives would benefit by putting on diamond to achieve health, longevity, fame, status and esteem, when the jewel is worn throughout the major amount of Venus.

When within the chart Saturn is posited as Lord within the Sixth (misery inflicting) and within the Seventh (death inflicting) houses, it is recognized as unfavourable. Saturn can also be inimical towards the Ascendant Lord. Hence the native should not put blue sapphire on person.