Learn To Identify Original Agate Gemstone

Naturally rich in designs and colors, agate gemstones are perfect for making jewelry. The exclusive patterns allow space for creators to make stunning designs and hence they are favored by jewelry designers. Being in use since the prehistoric ages, agate still retains its importance thanks to its uniqueness and stunning color combinations. They are the exact fit for the fashion world where everyone craves for something special and something that shows them apart.

Agate has been used by various civilizations and they are available in many parts of the world. Out of the many forms of chalcedony, agate is unique as it is the only banded form. It comes in multi-colors and the best part of it is no two agates are alike. These agates develop in the hollow cavities of volcanic lava that are ancient. Filling the cavities on rocks layer-by-layer, agate develops over time. The composition inside the rock is the reason for the gemstone obtaining various colors. The colors of agate gemstones include brown, black, white, red, gray and yellow.

While you plan to go in for agate gemstone, you need to know to differentiate the original from fake. Here are some tips to help you with the process.

1) Color
Agate gemstones are famous for their colors. Genuine agate is bright colored, while fakes do not have the brightness and the radiance. The bands will be obvious in agates. Bands are another specialty of agates. These gemstones are the only banded form of chalcedony.  

2) Texture
Agates are hard. The ‘look alike’ agates are softer in texture. You could easily identify if you learn to look at the texture, as imitations will be scratched easily while original agates are not easily scratched. You will find the surface to be bright and flawless.

3) Agate Level
Level of the agate has to be ascertained. Water gall agate is regarded as most valuable of all agate types. This type of agate contains water for over 1000 years and hence they are special.

4) Transparency
Original agates are not as transparent as the fake ones. Little chaotic on the surface and with visible water line in some confirm the genuinity of the gemstone. Synthetic agates are highly transparent and this feature is sufficient to identify them.

5) Temperature
Genuine agates are warm during winter season and cool during summer. The temperature of synthetic agates is in line with the prevailing temperature. If it is hot outside, you can feel that synthetic agates are hot and when it is cool outside, the synthetic agates are cool.

6) Weight
Original agates are heavier than synthetic agates. You can weigh them to identify the real one from the fake one.

Agate is one of the most popular gemstones that is associated with various qualities. It is believed to strengthen one’s body and mind. It is considered to bring happiness and it is used to address various health conditions. If you love the gemstone for what is has to offer or if you are fascinated by the sheer brilliance of the gemstone, just go for it only after ensuring that you have the right agate on you. It is always.