Know How To Identify Genuine Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst gemstones are popular all over the world for their stunning colors and unique qualities. The purple colored gemstone looks so royal and elegant that European rulers used these gemstones in their crown jewels. Apart from purple and shades of purple, amethyst acquires green and yellow colors when heated. Amethyst is considered effective to address addiction to alcohol. It is also believed to bring in peace and harmony.

Amethyst is a quartz variety, which ranks second in the list of widely found minerals on earth. In spite of being available widely, there are some ‘look alikes’ in the jewelry world. Though the risk factor of being duped is almost nil where amethyst is concerned, knowing how to differentiate original from look alikes will be of help. Here are some suggestions to help you in the process. 

How To Identify Real Amethyst Gemstone?
Amethyst has various qualities associated with it, which makes the gemstone very popular. It is considered to have soothing effect on the mind and bring in peace. It enhances endurance and it is believed to help address financial turmoil as well. Just to ensure that you land on the right amethyst, here are some methods to identify the genuine gemstone.

1) The most basic mistake one might commit is in failing to differentiate glass from amethyst. To find out if the piece is amethyst or glass, you just try holding the stone against your forehead. If it is glass, you will feel it adapt to room temperature and if it is original amethyst, you will find that it stays cool regardless of the room temperature.

2) A glass piece will be scratched easily while a genuine amethyst is harder and hence it will not be scratched so easily as glass.

3) Check out the color bands in the stone. If the color bands are in straight lines with no curves, you can be assured that you have original amethyst gemstone on hand.

4) Genuine amethyst will have a combination of purple and blue or purple and white. Man made amethysts will not have any color schemes and they will be purely purple. Hence, do not go for the stone, which displays bright purple color.

5) Yet another factor that would help in the identification process would be the inclusions in the stones. Original amethysts have impurities while gemstones made in the lab are clear with no impurities. Having flaws enhance the value of the gemstone as they indicate that the gemstone is ‘earth-made’ and not man made. Moreover, the brilliance of colored stones is enhanced by the flaws making them natural and naturally unique.

6) Know the roots. It is always wise to inquire the jeweler about the gemstone’s origin. Any jeweler who deals with natural gemstones will be able to give you a clear picture on the details of the origin including the area it was mined and the specialties of gemstones in the specific area. Buying from genuine seller who has in depth knowledge on the products he deals would be your right choice if you want to buy original amethyst gemstone.   
Amethysts are available in abundance and though basically there is no reason to dupe it, you could never take things for granted. The beautiful gemstone, which was considered the most precious, lost some of its importance once it was known to be available everywhere. Nevertheless, an amethyst is a beautiful gemstone that is irresistible. Hence, ensure that you have original amethyst in your jewels and be assured that they are in no way common.