How To Take Care Of Your Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are elegant, exquisite and unique. Pearl jewelry has been worn since ages and they still hold the fascination thanks to their quality and luster. There is an element of charm and grace to them and they never fail to impress. They look great on every outfit and they are worn by all regardless of age and gender. Pearl jewelry could be very expensive if made using natural pearls or high quality cultured pearls. Pearl jewelry need to be taken appropriate care of to ensure that your investment is justified and you benefit from the beauty of the pearl jewelry for a long time. Here are some suggestions to take care of your pearl jewelry.


Pearl necklaces normally stay in contact with the skin. Hence, they tend to absorb acid, which will result in the pearl losing its luster and shape. This feature of pearls necessitates cleaning them every night to ensure they retain their luster.

·         Do not have your pearl jewelry on while you are applying makeup, hair spray or perfume as the pearls might develop crack.

·         Wet strings attract dirt and hence never wear pearl jewelry when the strings are wet.

·         If you wear pearls regularly, it would be better if you clean them every night. For cleaning, you could use olive oil and a cotton swab. Just go gentle with the rubbing.

·         Heat does not help to maintain the luster and shape of the pearls. So does the sweat from the body. The acid in sweat will affect the nacre. Hence, it is imperative to remove the sweat by rubbing using a cotton swab or alternately a damp cloth, which is soft.

·         Avoid touching your pearls as the skin oils might affect the pearls. If you are removing your pearl ring, it would be advisable to hold to the metal part to pull it out instead of touching the pearl to pull it. It would also avoid pearl from getting off its seat.

·         Also make sure that you are done with applying hand moisturizer before you wear your pearl ring.

·         Avoid solutions that are used generally for cleaning jewelry unless and until it is mentioned that the solution is intended for cleaning pearls. Also avoid using detergents, cleaning abrasives and soaps. You could use plain water to moisten the cotton swab.

.     Ensure that you work on surfaces around the holes. Dirt accumulates here faster and ignoring it may eventually result in your pearl jewelry losing its luster.

·         Once you are done with cleaning your pearl jewelry, allow them to dry by placing the jewelry on a moist towel.  

·         Store your pearls separately as storing them with other jewels might result in the pearls being scratched by the metal in another jewelry. Store the pearl jewelry in a soft pouch so that they do not get in contact with harsh surfaces.

·         Avoid exposure to sunlight as your pearls may crack.

You make a good investment in pearl jewelry and consider the time you spent in selecting your pearl sets. To ensure that you make the best use of your investment and your time, you need to spend some minutes in cleaning your pearls. You could seek the help of your local pearl jewelry store in case you feel you need to check if it strings are strong and the mounting still holds.