How To Take Care Of Your Coral Jewelry

    As corals are brittle, you need to exercise care while handling them. Whether you wear them on or store them, you need to handle them gently. Applying pressure on coral beads while you are wearing or removing them will result in breakage of the corals.

    When not in use, store the corals in separate pouches to ensure that they are not scratched by other stones. The pouches need to be soft as well.

    Chemical products are harsh on corals. Never apply hairspray or perfume after wearing coral jewelry. The chemicals in the cosmetics will affect the quality of corals and the corals will lose their colors. Wear your coral jewelry once you are done with your makeup and all set to go.

    Never wear coral jewelry when the sun is burning bright. The heat of the sun will affect the corals, which will lose its color and shine. Remember that corals are the products of sea and having thrived in seabed for long, corals cannot withstand the high temperature on earth’s surface.

    Being porous, coral should not be soaked in water or any form of cleaning solution. A damp, clean and soft cloth can be used to clean coral jewelry.

    While cleaning, chemicals should not be used. The ideal liquid to clean corals is warm water. However, they should not be soaked in water.

    While cleaning the beads, never apply pressure on them, as it would result in discoloration of coral beads. They could be scratched as well on pressure.

    When you clean the metals in coral jewelry, ensure that coral is not exposed to the cleaning solution you use.

    Once you are done with cleaning, allow them to dry in open air. Never store them before drying them as if the coral beads are damp while stored, fungus could form on the settings.

    If you are used to wearing your coral jewelry regularly, you need to clean them every night as accumulation of dust could easily harm your coral jewelry.

    As you clean your jewelry, ensure that the corals are intact in their setting. If not, you need to take the coral jewelry to your jeweler who would fix the corals. Coral necklaces and bracelets are to be checked to ensure if the gemstones are tight in place. Reach for your jeweler to have them re-strung.

Corals are becoming rare. Ensure that you care for your corals, which have been living in the seabed for centuries before they were obtained to make jewelry.